Wednesday 2 May 2012


The Next Hundred Years are a Stoner Rock/Post-Hardcore/Metal Band from Vancouver, Canada

The members are:

eb Pigott-Duggan - Vocals & Violin
Jordan Bennee - Guitars & Keys
Kyle McLean - Guitars
Joel Cannell - Bass
Jonas Fairley - Drums

Right all I am going to say off the bat is this band is truly fucking brilliant, awe-inspiring, crazy, genius and insane. All in equal brilliant measure.

Their blend of Stoner-Rock/Post-Hardcore/Prog-Metal/Heavy Metal as fuck needs to be listened and believed right now. If your into TOOL, QOTSA, Pink Floyd and even Russian Circles according to their BandCamp Profile. Well you can hear elements of each and every band mentioned and then some.

Seriously these guys play a wicked blend of music that is very hard to categorize. They are just a fucking brilliant and highly original Rock/Metal band bringing something truly new and wonderful to the scene.

They have released the following 3 releases:

Troppo cover art

All of the albums are superb releases that show a bands progression with each and every release. This is a band that builds what has came before it.

Their latest release Troppo is the band's best work to date and enhances their reputation as one of the best Experimental bands on the scene at the moment.

The way how these guys move from each genre with apparent ease is simply breath-taking to listen to at times.

You need this band in your life. No question. It would be a crime if you pass these brilliant rockers up. Your are really missing something really special here. What is even more you can download all their brilliant releases on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. I urge you do this now. 

You won't be sorry. Check out tracks like Lactose, Pyramid, Kids and the awesome 1987 from their latest new masterpiece - Troppo.

If you like what you hear check out their other work. You won;t be sorry. 

Highly Recommended. Amazing Band, Amazing Tunes, Amazing Albums. Enuff Said.

Check This Great Band Below:

Check Out The Excellent "Lactose" from their brilliant new album.