Thursday 24 May 2012


praise the most dead cover art

I THE UNLORD are a Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band From Münster/Leipzig, Germany

The members are:


I THE UNLORD are a brilliantly heavy as fuck Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band you need to hear right now. They play heavy loud Hardocre/Sludge Metal influenced by great bands past and present.

Their bio should tell you more about this great  band:

"I The Unlord was formed in June 2008 by Tobias Buck (Neaera), Benjamin Kövener (The Ghost Dance Movement, Bersarin Quartett) and Rene Wichmann. Influenced by Heavyweights such as Crowbar, Disembodied, Morbid Angel and The Acacia Strain the band created its own downtuned and brutal mix of new-school hardcore, sludge and death-metal.

A few month later the band recorded and self-released their first demo. In February 2009 Tom Huschka joined the band taking over bass duties. Since then I The Unlord shared stages with Heaven Shall Burn, Disembodied, Maroon, Misery Speaks, Der Weg einer Freiheit and Burnt by the sun.

Next step in the band`s history was the recording of their first full-length in 2011. Praise the most dead - the bands debut-album will be out on vinyl (and download) in march 2012 as a self-release."

Well Sludge Rockers this great band's debut album "Praise The Most Dead" is finally here. It's a 10 song and 42 minute blast of top-notch Hardcore/Sludge Metal carnage.

It's heavy from the word go and will have you head-banging in no time at all. If your a fan of the bands mentioned above then get checking this brilliant album now. It seriously is a loud heavy affair that will have you pushing the repeat button in no time at all.

All of the tracks are simply sublime. And shows another great band coming from our German brothers. Germany are on a roll with DeZafra Ridge, Union Of Sleep and Wolves Carry My Name. Now add I THE UNLORD to that list.

The album is brilliantly produced and would be a welcome addition to anyone's record collection. With the band giving this away for free on BandCamp you have no excuse.

These guys mean business and the album shows off their talent to perfection. Their songs are Fucking Loud, Heavy and Angry the way all great Sludge Metal should be. So get checking now.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:

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