Wednesday 16 May 2012


No Youth cover art

Wreck And Reference are a Drone/Doom/Experimental/Noise/Post-Metal Band from Howling Waste, California, USA.

Wreck And Reference are not an easy band to categorize. Nor are they an easy band to listen to. They released a brilliant debut release "Black Cassette" to huge acclaim early in 2011. I reviewed it here on the blog.

Well these weird hugely talented Noise-Rockers are back with their most diverse and challenging work to date. NO YOUTH.

A 10 song blast of out there Sludge/Noise/Glitch/Drone/Doom/Post-Metal/Experimental Weirdness. But believe me its fucking brilliant.

I can't put into words how weird and brilliantly creative this record is. You have to hear it for yourself. But be prepared for one of the craziest listens you will have heard all year.

Standout tracks include "Spectrum", "Cannot", "Obedience" and "Winter". The way this band goes through one genre to the next and mix it up like its been ripped through an Extreme Metal Blender is simple amazing to listen to at times.

This won't be everyone's taste but if you have the courage to listen to this superb release you will be rewarded with a brilliant album to check out time and time again.

Probably one of the best and most insane experimental records I have had the pleasure to listen to this year.

You can download this from BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. So get downloading now.

Highly Recommended. 

Check This Great Band Below: