Thursday 24 May 2012


WORT'S N'All! cover art

WORT are a Doom/Sludge Metal band from Huddersfield/Manchester, UK

The members are:

Mike Collins
Phil Wheldon
Parmahn Azad

WORT are an excellent upcoming Doom/Sludge Metal band from the UK who have just released their excellent debut EP - WORT'S N'ALL. A 4 song filthy as fuck sludge filled monster.

Influenced by bands such as EyeHateGod, Cough and other loud, down-tempo Sludge Bruisers of that ilk.

Its not the best produced demo ever but it shows a band with a great premise if they keep writing the same dirge filled riffage. Especially on tracks like The Hills Have Fungeye and Bog Eye.

What you get is great riffs with bleak vocals to match. Plus this fucka is free on  BandCamp right now. So head over and get some WORT in your life. Superb Stuff.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:

Check This Great band in action from the excellent "The Hills Have Fungeye".