Wednesday 16 May 2012


Ivy Garden of the Desert - Blood is Love (Cover Art)

Ivy Garden Of The Desert is a Stoner Rock/Desert Rock Band from Italy

The members are:

Diego - Guitar & Vocals
Paolo - Bass Guitar
Andrea - Drums

Ivy Garden Of The Desert play an intriguing blend of Stoner Metal/Desert Rock mixed with elements of Hard Rock with shades of A Perfect Circle as well. These guys have been on blog before with their previous excellent release – Docile.

Docile was the first part of a trilogy that the band were going to release over the next year or so. Well they guys are back with the 2nd part of the trilogy. – Blood is Love – A 6 song and 33 minute blast of top-notch Stoner Rock riffage.

As before with their last great album, this has shades of many great bands past and present but Ivy Garden Of The Desert add their own identity to stand out from the crowd.

“Viscera” gets off the album to a great start. An almost 6 minute blast that pulls you in straight away with a riff that QOTSA would be proud to call their own. The song is driven along by a meaty desert/fuzz rock vibe that pounds right into your soul straight away. And the grizzled vocals of Diego make this a brilliant track. Wait for the riff that kicks in around the 2.20 minute mark. This is where I knew this I was listening to something special.

The track does include some great experimental vibes which you don’t expect. Lying between Grunge and Alt-Rock then fleeting back into normal sublime Stoner Metal/Desert Rock territory. A testament to the band’s talent they blend all of the genres brilliantly well.

Next up is A Golden Rod For This Virgin which blends Maynard James Keenan type vocals with a cool Stoner Rock/Desert Rock riff before exploding into normal IGOTD dynamic territory of action packed Stoner Metal riffs. This song features highly impressive instrumental work from all involved.

The great songs keep on coming. “Weasel In Poultry Pen” is a melting pot of more great Stoner/Desert Rock riffs that will have you hooked by now. You will feel you are in the presence of greatness as these guys are brilliant musicians who know how to write hard-rocking, hard-riffing tracks of amazing riffs.

The next 3 tracks “Ghost Station”, “1991” and “Glicine” are just as great as the previous tracks maybe even better. Especially the 8:33 minute epic – Glicine this is probably my fave track on this brilliant release.

I have always been a fan of this great band since their awesome debut album – Docile. But this release is probably the band’s most accomplished work to date. They have made an album that builds from their last great release which leaves the listener begging for more.

I can’t wait for Volume 3 whenever that may land as Ivy Garden Of The Desert have cemented their place as one of Italy’s shining lights in Stoner Metal.

The album is expertly produced and performed by all involved. This showcases why I rate this band so highly The sound is loud, epic and clear. This amazing band deserve to be heard on the biggest stage possible. They would make a great festival act that will have the crowd wild in no time at all.

This is a brilliant release that the band should rightly be proud of. Bring on Part 3

You can buy this great album here. I recommend you do this now. Be prepared to be blown away.

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Check Out The brilliant "Viscera" from their amazing new album.