Wednesday 16 May 2012

PALLBEARER - Sorrow & Extinction Review

Pallbearer is a Progressive Doom Metal Band from Little Rock, AR, USA

The members are:

Brett Campbell - Vocals/Guitar
Devin Holt - Guitar
Joseph D. Rowland - Bass
Chuck Schaaf - Drums 

Pallbearer have been classed as one of the leading lights of Doom Metal with their highly intoxicating blend of Doom Metal mixed with Prog Rock and hints of Sludge type riffage.

They have released their debut album – Sorrow & Extinction. A 5 song 45 minute opus of truly majestic riffs that will have you hooked in seconds. This album has been universally acclaimed from fans and critics alike.

Aaron (aka Doomentor) has been asking me to review this for weeks. I must apologise to both the band and Aaron for my unfortunate delay in what is essentially one of 2012 best Doom Metal releases I have heard this year.

Pallbearer might sound like a hybrid version of Warning and early YOB but they bring a truly epic Doom Metal feel to the table. Blending epic prog-rock atmospherics with modern Doom/Sludge Metal riffs.

The album is heavy from the word go. The tracks are all on the lengthy side. The shortest track is about 8:15 mins. So you know you’re in for a pulsating ride with 5 tracks that run past the 8 minute mark.

The first track “Foreigner” is a 12:23 minute blast that showcases this band’s talent to perfection. If you don’t like this track then there is no point for you to go on as the album follows the same route of great riffs and highly passionate vocals.

The song and most of the album is driven along by a brilliant rhythm section. The drums and bass guitar are this album’s life support. Everything is driven by the two powerful musicians who supply the brilliant riffs on show here.

Vocals and Guitars add an extra layer of authority that makes this album stand out from the crowd. Especially on tracks like “The Legend” and “An Offering Of Grief”.

“An Offering Of Grief” is probably my fave track. As it’s a perfectly balanced Doom Metal song of light and dark that will still leave you feeling totally euphoric after hearing it. This is a track that has the potential to leave tears in your eyes dependent on situation and mood. Simply superb and another reason why this band has such a well deserved reputation.

The production is excellent which is what you expect for a great band like this. Every note is played to hard-hitting perfection and showcases what a great band Pallbearer are.

This is an album you will need to listen more than once to get the true feel of the album. It took me about 5 or 6 listens to fully understand the complexities of it all. But once you do get into it. You will be amazed the things you missed first time round.

It might not be to everyone’s tastes but give this a listen. It’s an amazing album from one of Doom Metal’s best hopes of 2012. Simply brilliant and highly recommended by ourselves at Sludgelord.

You can buy this masterpiece from all stockists now.

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