Thursday 31 May 2012


The next article is from a very cool guy called Nikolaj who is heavily involved with the Denmark Sludge/Stoner Metal scene. He wrote a fairly in-depth article about their local scene and his involvement with a great label called Raw Birth Records. And a great band called BOTTOM FEEDER

I have listened to Bottom Feeder and they are a great heavy sludge metal band to keep an eye out for.

Full of heavy distorted Sludge Metal riffs to awaken the soul to. It's only two tracks long but it does show a band with a great deal of promise.

Anyway Nikolaj is one busy dude. Read more in the article.

"My name is Nikolaj Jakobsen, and i contact you to see if you are interested in posting something about the sludge/doom scene in Copenhagen Denmark, which im involved in. 

3 -6 of may, the first edition of the new festival "Heavy Days In Doomtown" was held, and with great success.

1300 people attended over 4 day in 3 different venues with 30 bands performing. The festival was the first of its kind in europe since its 100% non commercial and volunteer run, and with a great international line-up.

Line-up looked like this: Jex Thoth, Lord Vicar, Noothgrush, Coffins, Solstice, Aldebaran, Griftegård, Worship, Brutus, Ocean Chief, Black Oath, Kongh Suma, Bottom Feeder, Torchlight and many more!

Check it all out here:

Im also a part of running the Copenhagen label Raw Birth Records who ave just released Copenhagen sludge band Bottom Feeder´s first 7" EP.

Here is Bottom Feeder´s Bio:

Bottom Feeder was formed in 2010 by Nikolaj Jakobsen and Jonas Bjerg who both had played in punk and hardcore bands for a decade and wanted to tune it down a bit and go heavy and slow.

Influenced by riff masters like Iron Monkey, Buzz-oven, EHG and Noothgrush, Bottom Feeder is following the classic sludge feeling in their raw and bluesy riffs, the vocals are rasping and tormented and the lyrical and aestethic themes are influenced by human and spritual decay.

Bottom Feeder have been touring scandinavia with danish Doom band Torchlight, and in Germany with Union Of Sleep, and have just released their first 7" EP at the Heavy Days In Doomtown Festival, who sold over 100 copies after a crushing performance. 

Gigs comming up with Acid King 5th of June.

Bottom Feeder EP Tracklist

Side A: Divine Heritage 7:18
Side B: Out Of The Ashes 4:21

Bottom Feeder soundcloud:

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Nikolaj // RBR // HDDT"