Wednesday 2 May 2012

Melvins(Lite)-Freak Puke Review

I'm a huge fan of Melvins and have liked nearly everything they've released. Let's face it they laid the foundations years ago that helped shape many band's sound, few have failed to be influenced in some way by them.

I was delighted when news broke that there would not be one but two new Melvins releases this year. The first was issued digitally free from The Scion music website "The Bulls+The Bees" is an excellent example of classic Stoner rock featuring the line up that has recorded the previous three albums.

Melvins (lite) however is a more experimental version of the line up featuring legends, Dale Crover and King Buzzo, this time joined by Trevor Dunn(Fantomas, Mr.Bungle). Dunn plays upright Bass on the entire album, giving a further dimension to the Melvins sound.

It may say "Lite" but really its anything but, don't think this is an album full of gentle soothing songs. At times its classic Melvins rocking hard with the upright bass just adding to the groove and at times driving songs impressively.
Equally it encompasses Avant Garde noise-rock (Inner Ear Rupture), straight up rockers (Leon vs The Revolution ), even combining both elements at times. Witness the riff and boogie that develops in "Baby Won't You, Weird Me Out" followed by some manic bass work and devastating drums. Freak Puke is brilliant start to finish, what comes across is a sense of fun in the recording this album, displaying more spontaneity and diversity than the last three albums. Moments of it are closer to "classic" Melvins, but opinion on their recorded output can often polarise opinion. For any Melvins fan its quite simply essential listening.

This album demonstrates they're still top of their game, after setting the foundations Melvins keep laying the bricks with essential ground-breaking releases.

"Freak Puke" is released through Ipecac on June 5th, and can be ordered from them through the link below. Or purchased from your local independent record store.