Wednesday 2 May 2012

OBDURACY - Sunday's Autopsy

Sunday's Autopsy cover art

OBDURACY are a Progressive Death Metal Band from Ottawa, Canada

The members are:

Dean Desarmia - Vocals
Steph Desilets - Drums
Evan Curtis - Bass
Nick Miller - Guitar
Jeff Udall - Guitar

OBDURACY are a Prog Death Metal band that incorporates the brutal sounds and textures of Thrash and Groove Metal to great effect.

It's been a long time since i featured a great death metal band. Not through choice but by the selection that has been sent to me in the past. I haven't posted them as they have been fucking terrible.

Thank Fuck OBDURACY came along and restored my faith in Death Metlal. They have asked me to review their brilliant debut album - SUNDAY's AUTOPSY. A 9 song collection of brilliant hard hitting Death Metal Tracks with a great progressive edge to them.

As you can tell about this band everything is bleak. The music is bleak, the titles are bleak and even the vocals are bleak. If your looking for a good rocking time then move on my friend.

This is the sound of decay and despair coming to you with both barrels blazing. This album is a fucking must if your into hard-hitting death metal. Tracks like "Virtue and Vice", "My Faheeb" and "Interstate Murder Plot" feature sublime death metal riffs with Thrash/Groove metal vibes to match.

The album is superbly produced so you can hear every bleak note to gut-wrenching perfection. This really is a standout album in the realm of Death Metal that the band should rightly be proud of.

I hope to hear more from these talented demented metallers. Awesome!!!

Highly Recommended. Check Out These Guys Below: