Friday 4 May 2012

Holy Mountain ~ Earth Measures Review

Hailing from Glasgow and originally formed as a two piece, Holy Mountain have been building a reputation since around 2009. Famed for their incredible live shows, including one that spanned two venues, and an after party without stopping once! They now operate as a settled three piece, and are releasing "Earth Measures" through Chemikal Records. Recorded in 17 hours, they have replicated their live feel brilliantly, a relentless blend of Lightning Bolt's off the rails rhythm and Sleep or Sabbath's riff power its as perfect a release you'll hear all year.

Seriously this EP is as incendiary as a pyromaniac working in a matchbox factory, and has more swagger than Sauchiehall Street on a Saturday night.
Riffs churn out with reckless abandon, drums and rhythm lock into grooves of mammoth proportions. Leaving you reaching for the repeat button, this is a steamroller of a release.

There has been a surge of excellent bands emerging from Glasgow/Scotland recently. Sludgelord fav's What The Blood Revealed, Buried Sleeper and now Holy Mountain have had releases that will be sure to feature in my end of year favourites.
Things kick off with the explosive "Gunner" demonstrating perfectly what's in store. It features some of the best riffs you'll hear, packing a mighty punch. "Kegs" follows at a slower pace before gathering momentum and a frenzied finale. The excellently named "Swifty Fuckwit(Pts I+II) is a near 8 minute ride through elements of everything great about stoner/doom music. Riffs crash and heave, swirling rhythms and punishing delivery its clearly a highlight in an ep of many.

Although the entire record is essential the aforementioned "Gunner" and "Silent Hawk"are personal favourites, the latter another epic instrumental voyage through thick riffs and dense atmospheric passages. With the possibility of a full length album in the near future as well Holy Mountain will surely be building on their reputation and laying waste to venues up and down the country.

If your near Glasgow this Saturday the "Earth Measures" release show is on in the city's Mono club. Failing that ensure you pick up a copy of the Ep on various formats through the link below.

Chemikal Underground

Mono Release Show