Wednesday 2 May 2012


wear a different head cover art

OBJECTS are a Hardcore/Punk/Noise Rock Band From Wroclaw, Poland

The members are:

Luk: drums, Jarek: bass, Dawid: guitars, Olek: vocals/guitars

OBJECTS are one of the best Hardcore/Punk/Noise Rock Band I have heard of 2012. They play an intriguing blend of Noise Rock that blends loud elements of Hardcore Punk to great effect.

The band have just released their new EP - Wear A Different Head. A 9 song EP of short, sharp, loud and angry excellent Noise Rock/Metal riffs that will have you coming back for more.

The EP starts off very loud and angry that never lets stop in a highly emotionally charged 20 minutes. These guys sound like they would be amazing on stage. They have a great presence on their new EP.

Check Out Tracks "Dios", "Shutter", "Valhalla", and the amazing "Killansky".

The EP is brilliantly produced and you can feel the intensity and anger coming from these hugely talented noise-rockers. Amazing Stuff.

You can download this brilliant EP for free from BandCamp or from here. So get downloading and get your daily dose of loud angry noise rock that only OBJECTS can truly deliver.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:


Check out the awesome "DESPISE" being played live. Fucking Great Stuff.