Thursday 31 May 2012

MIAVA - Band To Check Out

The Fall of Public man cover art

MIAVA (Maria Isn't A Virgin Anymore) is an Experimental Stoner Rock/Post-Metal Band from Belgium

The members

Guitars - Jelle Reynaert
Guitars - Brecht Vanvyaene
Bass - Thijs Vangheluwe
Drums - Jelle Tommeleyn

MIAVA aka Maria Isn't A Virgin Anymore - play a great blend of Stoner Rock and Post-Metal that not many bands do or succeed at. But these hugely talented rockers pull it off big-time.

These guys can be described as Karma To Burn jamming with TOOL. For a young band they deliver their share of high voltage Stoner-Rock/Post-Metal riffs.

Their latest EP – The Fall Of Public Man is a 5 song and 28 minute blast of top-notch riffs from start to finish. The guys are going to release their debut full length very soon and if it’s anything like this then we are in for something special.

The EP is a perfect balancing act of sublime Stoner Rock riffs blended with the intensity of hard-hitting Post-Metal carnage.

These guys have come up with a winning blend of Rock/Metal that will have you hooked in no time at all. Especially on tracks “Amnesia” and “Silencer”. Full of great riffs that will have you hooked in no time.

I have to thank Blog Viewer – Dave (From New Zealand) for pointing this great band in my direction as I have never heard of them. But thanks to Dave’s recommendation this is another band I will be looking forward to when their debut full length hits.

I am not going to do a song by song review. You need to check these guys out for yourself. If you’re into TOOL, Karma To Burn, Pelican and Russian Circles then get checking these guys now. They could become one of your fave new bands.

The band are amazing musicians who know how to play a well mean hard-hitting riff. It’s purely instrumental and stands one of the best instrumental records I have heard this year.

I can’t recommend these guys highly enough. If you want to check these guys out for yourself then head over to legendary blog – StonerRobixxx for all your download needs. As the band have kindly endorsed his download links to hold the album.

If you like what your hear then please consider buying some merch from the guys from the links below.

Highly Recommended. Bring on their debut full length.

Check This Great Band from the links below: