Friday 11 May 2012


Cyclopian cover art

Cyclopian is an Atmospheric Sludge/Post-Rock Band from  London, Kingston & Finsbury Park, UK

The members are

Will Drewry - Guitar, Vocals
Andi Nixon - Bass
Rob Newson - Drums, Vocals
Chris Law - Guitar

Cyclopian play a haunting blend of Sludge, Post-Metal mixed in with Ambient Post-Rock Passages. They have released their stunning S/T debut album. A 5 song and almost 50 minute opus that blends Sludge, Post-Metal and Post Rock to great effect.

If you’re a fan of the usual big hitters plus Scottish recent faves – What the Blood Revealed then you should be right at home here with this great.

As the album is full of epic haunting Sludge/Post-metal tracks that should have you hooked in no time. The album wastes no time in getting down to business playing loud heavy riffs from the start.

All of the songs are all expertly written and they press all the right emotional buttons you come to expect from a great Sludge/Post-Metal band.

This is one of the best UK Post-Metal albums I have heard this year. Cyclopian get the loud VS quiet aspects of Sludge/Post-Metal spot on. Everything fits together beautifully in the overall picture. You can tell a lot of care and patience has gone into this brilliant album.

The tracks range in length from 7 mins to an impressive 15 minute track. The 15 minute track “Eventide Void” is worth it for the download alone. This track has everything that makes a brilliant Sludge/Post-metal track perfect.

It’s epic in scope and in delivery. This is a track that takes time to reach its eventual destination. But before then you will have to go through the emotions once again. It has the perfect balance of Sludge, Post-Metal, Post Rock and ambient sounds to create a truly awe-inspiring atmospheric song.

This album has been popping up on the usual great blogs and it’s another example of a great Sludge/Post-Metal band coming from the UK.

You can download this excellent album for free from  BandCamp right now. So head over there and download one of the best Post-Metal releases the UK has to offer at the moment. An absolute monumental release in the field of UK Post-Metal.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below

BandCamp - Physical Copies can be bought at BandCamp as well.