Friday 11 May 2012


Angry Gods is a Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band From Chicago, USA

The members are:

Patrick, Mark, Nate, Jared, Brent

Angry Gods are a brilliant loud and heavy Sludge/Hardcore Metal band featuring members of Harps Of Tartarus, Boiling Over, and Scouts Honor.

They are signed to excellent record label Crippled Sound whose owner John emailed me about this great band.

This what he sent to me about them.

"Do you know how it feels to be completely isolated? Chicago's very own Angry Gods deliver a foul rendition of sonic devastation. Fully articulated at maximum volume. Ex-members of Boiling Over, MANS., Scouts Honor and current members of Harps of Tartarus. Limited to 50 solid black tapes, comes with a laser cut j-card fold out."

Well Angry Gods new release "Concrete Distortion" is a 2 song 14 minute blast of very angry and loud Sludge/Hardcore Metal. This feels like being punched in the face with a very heavy object.

It's that brutal but the more better for it. In my humble opinion you need to file this release under "Must Have" and "You need this band in your life". It's seriously that fucking brilliant.

Even though it's two songs its a brilliant statement to the world a great band has truly arrived. This is a band I  want to hear more of. And I want to hear it now!!!

This will be released on Crippled Sound and their BandCamp Page very soon but John has kindly sent me a link to where you can download this brilliant release right now from Mediafire.

So Thanks John. Much appreciated. So get downloading now this is a brilliant band you need to check out now. Fucking Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:

Crippled Sound Links

Head over here and download some more brilliant free bands such as His Throne, Witch In Her Tomb amongst many others. Great Work John. Keep up the brilliant work.