Thursday 24 May 2012


Broken Path cover art

(WANING) are a Psych Doom/Sludge Metal Band from Sacramento, CA, USA

The members are:

Susan Hunt
Jim Willig
Benjamin Carpineta
Ian Black

(WANING) are a great Psych/Doom/Sludge Metal Band influenced by many great bands but adding their own   spin on things. They play some truly haunting Doom/Sludge Metal riffs with a great psych edge.

This bio should give you more info on this great band:

"(waning) began life as a dark ambient duo consisting of Susan Huntand Jim Willig. After many CDr releases, the duo found strict ambient music to be limiting, and added drummer Scott De Medeiros, with whom they recorded Always Ending. The band continues with new members Benjamin Carpineta and Ian Black. (waning)’s sound has expanded, tying together strains of doom, post-punk, and shoegaze

Our music is strongly influenced by bands such as Jesu, Neurosis, Isis, Melvins, The Cure, and Slowdive, among others. We recently released our new EP, "Broken Path" for a "name your own price" download on bandcamp"

Well I have listened to their new EP - Broken Path. It's a 4 track and 26 minute trek of great psych doom/sludge metal riffs. It's a bit under-produced and the drums could do with a bit more oomph to them. 

But other than that this is a great release that shows a band that could potentially release some great records in the future.

The vocals are a great mix of Hardcore Based Sludge Metal mixed with Susan's more softer heavenly clean like vocals and it works superbly well.

The band show their most creative talents on the 10:21 minute epic "Queen Of Bees". A great song by a great band who show why they have a lot of offer in their respective genres.

If your a fan of the bands mentioned previously then your going to dig this great band. They play loud and heavy great Doom/Sludge Metal with hints of Post-Metal with a sublime psych edge.

So headover to  BandCamp right now and get downloading. You won't be sorry.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: