Wednesday 16 May 2012


Well we all know who SLEEP is. They are one of the truly defining bands of Stoner Metal. They were a legendary band who recorded 3 career defining albums in a short space of time.

We all know the legend of how Jerusalem and Dopesmoker came about. And how London Records were never brave enough to release the original version of Dopesmoker in its entirety. A 63 minute opus of a one track journey. What was released was a 54 minute version split into 6 different chapters. It was a very dis-jointed affair which didn’t feel right at all.

A short time after the band split up and formed two of the most respected bands of the Stoner Metal Genre – High On Fire and OM.

2003 saw Tee Pee Records release an almost proper version of Dopesmoker which wasn’t entirely endorsed by the band themselves. Though close as the original recordings could ever come. Fans were still waiting for a fully official SLEEP endorsed version of this brilliant album.

Probably all of us saw the update from SLEEP and Southern Lord Records early in 2012 saying they would be releasing the proper version of this landmark album which has been re-mastered from the original taped recordings. This is the album that SLEEP wanted to release back in 1996 to the world.

So what is different? Well everything is louder, clearer, bolder and better for it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dopesmoker (Reissue) has finally arrived. And it’s never sounder better. You can hear this landmark album the way it should be.

Its 63 minutes of pure chaos and destruction from a band at the top of creative powers. This album has always been considered a classic of the Stoner Metal Genre along with KYUSS brililant albums as well.

This reissue has been a long time coming and my hats off to Southern Lord Records for releasing this masterpiece.

Critics have called it one of the heaviest records ever released. And it is. It has the perfect balance of loud Stoner Metal and quieter distorted effects that gives the album such a unique unexpected ride that everyone needs to experience at least once in their life.

This album sounds as fresh today and is a testament to the legacy of this classic album that it puts nearly every modern Stoner Metal record released since eating its dust.

What more can I say about this. It’s about as a perfect album you can possibly get in the realm of Stoner Metal. It has inspired a whole generation of bands and will do for many years to come.

When I see SLEEP on their UK Tour in May 2012, I know I will be watching a legendary band who released one of my generation’s defining statements of Modern Metal. And that is a very rare thing indeed.

All I can say is. What a brilliant album. This isn’t just one of the best Stoner Metal albums ever made. It is one of the best metal albums ever released.

I have reviewed the CD Version. I have the Vinyl Version on order as well. I have been told by some of the blog viewers to listen this on Vinyl. The way it’s meant to be played. So don’t be surprised if I do another short review. Though if I can be brave enough to open the collectable Vinyl record I have on order.

Available from all good stockists now.