Sunday 20 May 2012

Sun Preachers

Faces of ashes cover art

Sun Preachers are a Hard Rock/Psych-Rock/Stoner Rock Band from Bordeaux, France

The members are:

Nicolas Eymerich: vocals
Joel Riffard: guitar
Quentin Aberne: bass
Boris Senon: drums
Nicolas Armendariz: keyboards

Sun Preachers play a sublime blend of Hard Rock/Psych Rock/Stoner Rock that takes influence from many great bands past and present such as Thin Lizzy, Sabbath and Clutch amongst others.

Their bio should tell you what you need to know.

"Founded in 2006 in Bordeaux, France, the band plays a kind of mix of the 70's hard rock cult and more obscure bands, from Black Sabbath and Captain Beefheart to Sir Lord Baltimore and Edgar Broughton Band. After the recording of a first unreleased demo, "Beauty of Perversion" in 2009, the band is releasing a brand new album, "Faces of Ashes" in may 2012.

The band is looking for a label, so the album is only available under mp3/FLAC files."

So what you have here is "Faces Of Ashes." - A 5 track blast and 35 minutes of hard rocking kick-ass stoner rock riffs to get your teeth stuck into.

This is some of the most catchiest rock I have heard this year. Vocalist Nicolas has vocals reminiscent of Phil Lynott in his prime. And this what give the album its edge. It has a sort of human frailty to them. But he can screech out the high notes when he wants to.

This is an album that will have you rocking in no time at all. This album feels like a brilliant greatest hits set rather than their first proper full length album.

If you into the above bands then your going to love this. This is 5 tracks of pure hard rock fury that blends all of the genres superbly well. Especially on tracks like "In the church of blind drunks, the preacher is one eyed man" and "Mountain queen and dirty white man".

The guys are currently trying to raise funds to release this on Vinyl. I hope they succeed as it's a perfect record for Vinyl. As this is a perfect homage to their heroes past and present. But this release still showcases   a band with a great modern feel for all things ROCK!!!!

You can download this brilliant release for free from  BandCamp right now!!! - So get over there and do it. You won't be sorry that you did.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: