Wednesday 2 May 2012

Hell Comes Home 7inch Series - 'Suma/Ultraphallus' Split 7inch (Review)

By: Aaron Pickford

Album Type: 7" Inch Split, Disc 2
Date Released: 19/03/2012
Label: Hell Comes Home

‘Suma/Ultraphallus’ Split 7inch track listing:

Suma Side

A. Geisteskrank  5:03

Ultraphallus  Side:

B. Young Bones 4:02

The Review:
So what we have from Suma, an astonishing band from Sweden, is ‘Geisteskrank’.  Whilst I'm not sure of the literal translation, I think it roughly translates as 'mad', 'insane' 'brainsick' or 'sick in the mind'.  The song has a strangely hypnotic feel to it, it is blindingly fast from the outset and what you notice, is the atmospheric quality of the song, feeling almost like a score to a horror movie, with the fuzz from the massive wall of sound, seemingly creating a vibe that you're being chased in a blizzard by something or someone.  The track is relentless and perhaps the only significant change in tone of the song is when you are hit with a batch of monstrous riffs and the cacophony of drums battering your senses.  Vocally, Jovan is barely audible over the fearsome sound of sludgy guitars, feeling as if there is about 20 guitars being played at once, such is the magnitude and scale of the din you are experiencing.  The song Suma have provided for this disc is astonishing and it is a breathtaking 5 minute thrill ride.  You can listen to the track below to experience the enormity of this track.

'Young Bones' is an entirely different beast from Suma's track.  It is more straight forward in terms of sound, but no less intense. You're met with the sound of feedback and then the song kicks off with what could be described as a strong stoner doom riff, seemingly one chord played over and over with only slight progression on occasion.  This forms the foundation for the first part of the song, with off kilter drums reverberating and a solid bass line playing in unison to the guitar.  Vocally it is very strong but they are short lived, when the song enters the second half, preceded by an exceedingly brutal onslaught of drums.  For the next two minutes it is all instrumental, with riffs giving way to a wailing guitar and the bass taking centre stage.  There is a repeated pattern of notes, leading into an acoustic guitar and this is relentless until the song finally concludes.  Another excellent song and further evidence that this boxset is just awesome. You can hear the track below.

So to recap, the box set is available as a subscription package, however Hell Comes Home also sell a limited quantity of the vinyl separately and you receive digital downloads coupons when you purchase them. For those of us who do not have turntables, you can purchase the songs as a digital download from their bandcamp page. For more info on this extraordinary release and the bands featured please check out the links below.