Thursday 31 May 2012


SKOMM is a 3 piece band from Fresno,CA, USA

Info about this band is very hard to find but they are an excellent Sludge/Post-Metal/Ambient/Shoegaze/What-The-Fuck-Ever-We-Hate-Being-Filed-Under-Genre Band.

All I can say if your into ISIS, Neurosis, Cult Of Luna and Noothgrush then your going to dig this great band. They are offering their first CD for free download. The brilliantly titled album is called -

"What We Dream Is Not What We Live. What We Live We Did Not Seek. The Path To Death Is Life"

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It's a 4 track and almost 42 minute of hard hitting Sludge/Post-Metal riffs. You need to play this loud as the production isn't the best. It's almost raw at times but it adds a unique sense of purpose to the band's music especially on the 19 minute epic - "Minimum Security(Constants)"

So if you want something raw, hard-hitting and to piss you off in equal measure then this is it. I found this to be a great listen but only if you have the heart to do it. Not everyone is going to like it. But SKOMM are a great band with some cool riffs to match their undeniable hard-hitting style of Sludge/Post-Metal.

Highly Recommended.

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