Thursday 24 May 2012


La Mar cover art

La Mar are an Experimental/Post-Rock/Post-Metal Band from Caracas, Venezuela

The members are:

Angel Negrín
Pedro Deniz
Fernando Mendoza
Fernando J. Rodríguez:

La Mar are a truly superb Experimental/Post-Rock/Post-Metal band that really do bring something unique to the field. Their new S/T album is masterpiece of Post-Rock/Post-Metal riffs mixed with some excellent haunting experimental rock vibes you wouldn't normally expect with genres like this.

The album is popping up on all the other great blogs and it's not hard to see why. La Mar are a band with a lot of things to say even though the music is mostly instrumental.

La Mar are masters at blending the different genres together into something quite unique and refreshing. This is an album you will be listening to time and time again like I have the past week or so.

La Mar are all brilliant musicians and prove it time and time again on this superb album. Especially on tracks like "Anchors" , "There Goes Life", "Under The Weather" and "Tides".

The album has its fair share of epic tracks. Ranging from 6 mins to 9 mins in length. This album is very multi-layered so it might take you a couple of listens to get the full effect. But believe me its a journey worth taking.

This album is highly recommended by myself. And showcases a great band to look out for. Brilliant Stuff.

What is even better you can download this excellent album for free right now from their official website.

So do yourself a favour head over there now and get this band in your collection now. You won't regret it. Awesome Stuff.

Check This Great Band Below: