Wednesday 15 January 2014

Live Review : Blackwitch Pudding, Billy O’s in Ventura, CA, 13/1/2014

Blackwitch Pudding is a Stoner Metal Band from Portland, OR, USA

The members are:

Space Wizard-Guitar
Lizard Wizard-Bass
Wizard Wizard-Drums

Blackwitch Pudding Live! @ Billy O’s in Ventura, CA

These guys are wizards from the future! They conjure alcoholic beverages, shark commandos, dinosaurs and let’s not forget… panties! Yes, panties! They even sell them at the venues they magically appear at. One wizard brings the power of the hovercraft. One wizard brings the power of Sunn. One wizard brings the power of crashing and pounding thunder. They also bring their own ambiance in the form of a fourth cloaked wizard that controls smoke and light! In grand wizard form with plenty of pomp and circumstance, they regaled us with music and comedy.

You might have noticed that I used the word “wizard” a few times up there… well you can’t escape the fact that Blackwitch Pudding are wizards at their craft! These guys have lyrics that make you wonder what the hell happened in their childhoods. Twisted, mostly harmless and completely insane; are words that seem to fall from your mouth when seeing them live.

In all seriousness; these guys can play and they write great songs. They get the whole psychedelic vibe and the whole slow is the new fast vibe. All three of them sing and each have a unique take on how to draw you into the song. Not to mention they are some of the nicest guys playing music today. Gracious and totally understanding of our unsupporting cow town by the sea. Monday is a tough night in any town, Monday night in Ventura… forget-about-it! For the small crowd that was there to experience them; all of us left with a smile on our face and some of us left with panties!

Blackwitch Pudding were planning on making this a four week tour (no Gilligan’s island jokes, please), so if you see them playing in your neck of the woods Southern California/Arizona/etc., go! Go see them and taste the pudding!

Live Gig Review written by Ransome Note