Sunday 26 January 2014

Vinyl Corner : Tellusian - Scania 7" Vinyl Review

Album Type : 7” Single
Date Released : 18/10/ 13 
Label : Pillowscars

Scania, track listing :
1). Kanrival 03:25
2). Eight years of rest 03:10

Bio :

Tellusian came together in 2010 in the city of Malmö, Sweden. John Nilsson (Guitars) and Erik Hall (Drums) had been jamming around for a while, and after the demise of Crowpath the ideas of turning Tellusian into a proper "active" band started to grow. Robert Fuchs was added on bass and Henrik Ivarsson stepped in on vocals

The Band :

Erik | Drums
Henrik | Vocals
Robert | Bass
John | Guitar

Review :

The band Tellusian, whom I referred to as Technical progressive sludge metal with some death grind influence back in 2012, are back with this super tight 7” vinyl release, entitled Scania.  Originally released via bandcamp in 2011 and with their upcoming first full length, Collision due to be released later this year. The Pillowscars label have decided to release theses tunes in two choice cuts of delicious wax, green limited to 200 and black
limited to 300.  So what about the record?  

Put simply, two blistering tracks and a showcase for this band’s undoubted talent.  Karnival kicks things off with the deftest introduction, then it is head first into a technical rage fest;  if you like your music off kilter with blast beats and enough time changes to explode your casio calculator watch, this band is for you.  The music on offer is brazen and forthright in its approach, unyielding riffs, death growls, superfluous shred guitar.  Indeed the amount of ground they cover in terms of progression, makes your head spin, this is unashamedly vicious stuff. 

Ironic indeed then that the next track is called, 8 Years of Rest, because after the previous dose of brutality, you’re gonna need it.  For me this is the highlight of the two tracks, revelling in the bastardised riffs on offer, their skills as evidenced on Karnival are on full display here too.  Differential calculus is a more apt title for this band, given the rate in which the tone of their music changes, Tellusian’s dexterity and cohesion is simply jaw dropping.  The biggest compliment I can give is simply, originality!!  An archetypal band, an original model, a type after which other similar things are patterned, Scania is a superior release, by a brilliant band.  So go buy it.  Bring on the full length

Words by : Aaron Pickford

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