Thursday 23 January 2014

Omega Sun - Rehearsal demo 2013

Rehearsal demo 2013 cover art

Omega Sun is a Stoner Rock Band from Slovenia

The members are:


Here is a great band to check out. Omega Sun. A Stoner Rock band who love the fuzz lifestyle as they are drenching in fuzz style Stoner Rock riffs. Their debut offering is a 2 song 10 minute offering called - Rehearsal Demo 2013. And it's quite a good release to check out.

OK it's a little bit low on volume but it's quite good for their debut release. Fans of Kyuss, Karma To Burn and Fu Manchu will find much to admire here. So give them a chance as you will pleasantly be surprised. I will let their bio do the talking to give you more info.

"Newly formed stoner rockers OMEGA SUN (Slovenia) spent an evening in December 2013 to record their first demo entitled REHEARSAL DEMO 2013 (a really fitting title we may add). The demo can be heard on the band's bandcamp profile (as well as downloaded for free). Until recently the band existed only as an instrumental trio but shortly before the end of 2013 a vocalist was added to the lineup. There is more music on it's way..."

So Omega Sun have now introduced a vocalist and new music is on it's way. Cool!!! - As I want to hear how these guys with a lead singer and a better produced demo as Omega Sun definitely have something here. I will be keeping my eye on these Fuzz-Stoner-Rockers as I have a good feeling about Omega Sun.

So headover and download their free demo now. Excellent stuff.

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