Friday 3 January 2014

Saṃsāra - tempus imperfectum

tempus imperfectum cover art

Saṃsāra is a Grunge/Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal Artist From Pontevedra, Spain

Now here is a superb One-Man Metal Artist to check out. Saṃsāra blends Grunge, Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal for an intriguing sound.

I will let his bio do all the talking. It should tell you all you need to know.

"Samsara is a Galician sludge/stoner/doom band from Pontevedra, Spain, formed by one only person, Guille Abdicacion. " Tempus Imperfectum " (December, 2013) is the first work that Samsara presents, reordered and produced in an independent way. They are eight tunes and one intro, reordered and produced by only one man and features four incredible collaborations: Emi Metal (Witchfyre) wrote lyrics and sang "Samsara", Guillermo Cerviño Porto (Snakesart) played guitar solo in the same tune and Juan-L ACC (Evolution) sings "Doubleplusungood". The photography of the cover and the art of the booklet belongs to Maria Jamardo Rial (Maruxa Fotografía) "

Now I know that some One-Man Bands/Artists get a raw deal when releasing their own albums. But there are some great artists to check out - Deterior, Cloudkicker and Diamension X to name but a few. Well you can now add Saṃsāra to that list. His debut album is one heavy experience that will hopefully appeal to a few of the Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal crowd.

Tempus Imperfectum does have some superb heavy riffs to check out. At least Saṃsāra is trying to be different with his sound by fusing Grunge into the usual hybrid Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal mix that is currently around.

Saṃsāra actually feels like a full-scale band as the instrumental work is superb through out. Saṃsāra has written a great set of tracks to rock out to. Check out - absurdo lógico, doubleplusungood, lento proceso de destrucción and Samsara.

All proving what a great musician Saṃsāra actually is. If you want something different to check out then I recommend you download this excellent album now. You will be surprised what's in store for you here.

It's available for free download on BandCamp. So headover there now and give this album a chance.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Check Saṃsāra from the links below.