Wednesday 15 January 2014

The Vintage Caravan - Voyage - Album Review

The Vintage Caravan is a Hard Rock/Classic Rock Band from Álftanes, Iceland

The members are:

Óskar Logi Ágústsson -  (Guitar and vocals)
Guðjón Reynisson - (Drums)
Alexander Örn Númason - (Bass)

The Vintage Caravan new album - Voyage - is finally upon us. Newly signed to Nuclear Blast Records. We have seen the excellent music videos and trailers for Voyage. So is the album worth the wait. All I can say is a big HELL YEAH!!!

Voyage features 9 tracks blending Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Blues Rock and a huge dash of 70s Stadium Rock while giving it a much needed modern makeover. These guys are influenced by Led Zepp, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. But you can't deny what an awesome power trio the band actually is.

First track - Craving - gets right down to business of playing some finely tuned Hard Rock Riffs. Lead Vocalist - Óskar - is one hell of a frontman, channelling Robert Plant and Ozzy Osbourne in equal measure. The band know how to lay down a great riff that you can't help rocking out to.

Second track - Let Me Be - injects a more modern vibe into the mix with a touch of Stoner Rock slowly coming through. It plays on the hard rocking vibes of the 70s once more that is no bad thing when the music is this good. Definitely a big rock number to open a gig with. The Vintage Caravan prove what great musicians they actually as they play some truly spellbinding riffs here.

10 mins into the album and The Vintage Caravan play the compulsory - lighter/mobile in the air love song - with Do You Remember. A 5 minute song that features some of the albums most heartfelt lyrics. Now my only complaint is that the song feels a bit safe at times but full credit to the band showing they can play some tender riffs and writing a genuine heartfelt song.

The next track - Expand Your Mind - is my fave track off the album as it's brilliantly put together. The band have fused trippy lyrics and even trippier riffs to match. The Vintage Caravan inject superb Stoner Rock riffs to rock out to. This is where the band start to leave the trappings of the 70s Rock influences behind and prove what a truly original band they can be when they put their minds to it. Definitely the best track off the album.

The band storm through a barrage of excellent songs to boogie on down to. M.A.R.S.W.A.T.T and Cocaine Sally playing once again on the 70s Hard Rock Scene. Though the band slow things right down on Cocaine Sally. A dark cautionary tale which is played at a slow pace with the band on truly majestic form. You can tell the band put their hearts and soul into this song as it's the most tragic and endearing at the same time.

As you can tell by now but Voyage is an album deeply rooted in 70s Hard Rock/Classic Rock territory. A band should always play to their strengths and The Vintage Caravan have written an album that will win them many plaudits within the Hard Rock/Classic Rock scene. I will say on this form that The Vintage Caravan are one of the best Hard Rock/Classic Rock/Retro Rock bands currently out there.

For future albums I would love to see the band explore the sounds they captured on Expand Your Mind and the excellent 12 minute closing track - The Kings Voyage - as the bands sound truly comes alive on those two great tracks.

All in all - Voyage is an excellent album from start to finish. It's definitely a trip worth taking time and time again.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks To Nuclear Blast Records for sending us a promo to review. Voyage is available on CD/DD/Vinyl from all good stockists now.

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