Wednesday 29 January 2014

Ooze - S/T (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : Out Now
Label : Total Rust / Forneus Records

Ooze, album track listing :
1). Intro
2). Thankless Life
3). Night Gastric Reflux
4). Worthless
5). The Smoke Told Me How
6). Theft of State
7). Experience the Hatred
8). Dope Visions
9). Shrine
10). Row to the Guillotine

Bio :
Ooze started its path of destruction in late 2011 when friends Antonio Strain, Sirio Palese and Andrea L'Abbate congregated in a dirty, smoke filled, filthy practice space in the middle of Trieste, Italy, to give birth to the bastard child of their corrupted, hazy minds.

After few months of intensive sessions of mental and musical distortion, they started recording their first self-released, self-loathing driven demo CD titled "Sister tank", an infamous collection of intricate, pummeling, rotting riffs topped by thunderous drum work and tortured vocals that took them under the spotlights of the local DIY scene.

Israeli label Total Rust can't resist the band infectious sound and put Ooze under its wing and send them to a proper studio for the first time to record their upcoming LP.

Due to early 2014, the self-titled "Ooze", collects Ooze most punishing, sludgy and perverted material to date.

Their music crawls from the bowels of the most rapidly decaying city in Italy and hits you in the face like the vile stench of stagnant bong water.

Get ready to get smashed by a slimy wave of feedbacks, possibly with a fat joint in your hand

The Band :

Antonio Strain | Bass
Stefano Sokota | Drums
Sirio Palese | Guitars
Andrea l’Abbate | Vocals

Review :

The charmingly titled Ooze hail from the city of Trieste in Italy and their name befits their classic sludge sound. It's filthy, raucous and noisy. It's been up injecting volume and drinking bad feelings for six days straight, and it's starting to look the worse for wear; which automatically qualifies it for lifetime membership around here.

We're like the country club from hell, us: if you can make an unholy racket and ruin the lawn by pissing on it then you're in.

The band's self titled debut full length is very much in the vein of EHG style filth, and would sit right next to Hogslayer on a reinforced shelf (that's a heavy joke, that is). Lashings of malicious groove abound on 'Thankless Life', all suffering from a severe case of feedback of course. The band isn't breaking any moulds but what they do they do very well. Pummelling rhythms and dirty swaggering riffs all interlock with some gnarly vocals to make sure you have a good time. Rock and roll at the extreme end of the spectrum, distilled into a dirty glass.

'Worthless' features a sexy intro full of attitude and much bird flipping. Great slow and low riffing, and hate fuelled vocals to boot. The dude sounds like he's been gargling bile at certain points. This track in particular has a real sense of power behind it for some reason, it's well built and malicious in nature. It never increases beyond anything more than a sedate pace, but it'll rock you. Maybe not like a hurricane, but those things suck anyways.

'The Smoke Told Me How' has a barn burning central riff that's catchier than a can of Pringles dipped in a barrel of herpes. That shit will stay with you, and you'll keep coming back for more again and again and again. Sorry if I just ruined Pringles for you. There's also a seriously cool part towards the end where it slows down to a hideous chug that is punctuated by a violent squeal. Like somebody is stabbing their amp, and it's yelping out in pain. Poor amp, but lucky us.

Italy has been banging out some really good noise over the last few years, and Ooze have joined those ranks with complete disregard for their own personal safety, or indeed the welfare of human ears. This album is rough around the edges and very undercooked, which makes it a success on all fronts when it comes to sludge. An outstanding effort from this young group, I look forward to hopefully documenting their infectious grooves for years to come.

Words by : Matt Fitton

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