Wednesday 15 January 2014

Buzzherd - On Sinking Ships​.​.​.​Rats Drown - Album Review

On Sinking Ships...Rats Drown cover art

Buzzherd is a Sludge/Stoner Metal/Thrash/Heavy Metal Band from Bethlehem, PA, USA

The members are:

Terry Payne-vocals
Jay West-lead guitar
Bryan Ferencz-rhythm guitar
Justin Dottor-bass
Blake Wohrmann-drums

Buzzherd's On Sinking Ships... Rats Drown is an aggressive and crusty metal record, summoned from a sweaty, mid-winter basement show.  Passages of sludge and doom mix with chugging metal riffs and a punk-rock ethos throughout the 31-minute, 6-song album.  Their sound is salty and dirty, and their songs hit hard. 

It all starts with Abuse of Despair, a pounding track thick with growls and fuzzed out riffs. Indrid Cold follows, their most diverse song, bringing the doom, then coming in with galloping thrash-metal riffs before slowing down again. Next up is The Maloik - a pounding and wonderfully crusty metal track that slows down to a crawling finish.

Up next is Stakes and Snares starts slow, but with a massive sound, coming in with a howling intro that leads into marching thrash metal heavy on the fuzz. Gigas flows from aggressive start to a mellow, bluesy bridge, finally picking the metal back up at the end.  Buzzherd finishes the album with a killer cover of Black Flag's Six Pack.

This record is full of grit and deserves your time if you're into punk, thrash or sludge.  Go and check this album out on bandcamp and give some love to these beer-swilling, self-described "future tony winners".

Written by Ben Bowman

Thanks to Cat Jones at Southern PR for hitting us up with the promo. On Sinking Ships​.​.​.​Rats Drown is now available to buy on BandCamp now.

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