Monday 20 January 2014

The Kennedy Veil - Trinity of Falsehood (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 21/1/2014
Label : Unique Leader

Trinity of Falsehood, album track listing :

1). Ad Noctum
2). Eulogy of the Divine
3). Enslave.Defile.Erase
4). Trinity of Falsehood
5). King of Slaves
6). Seventh Circle
7). Necrotic Gospel
8). Beneath the Shroud of Atonement
9). Disciples of Dead Aeons
10). In the Ashes of Humanity
11). Perfidia

Bio :

Sacramento death metal heathens, THE KENNEDY VEIL, are pleased to unveil their forthcoming new full-length Trinity Of Falsehood. Produced by Nick Botelho at NB Recording in Santa Rosa, California and featuring the debut of new throat Taylor Wientjes, Trinity Of Falsehood is the band’s most musically adept, conceptually captivating and indisputably brutal material to date.

Comments Wientjes,“Trinity of Falsehood is thematically focused around the concept of religion being deceitful and contradictory, inherently corrupt and filled with excess amounts of greed. In many instances, there’s an almost complete disregard to the inconsistencies in their respective doctrines."

Merging influences of classic DM legends like Deicide, Morbid Angel and Suffocation with the more refined aggression of bands like Origin, Psycroptic and Decapitated, THE KENNEDY VEIL features within their ranks new Wientjes alongside guitarist KC Childers (ex-Forktung), drummer Gabe Seeber (Alterbeast, Decrepit Birth, ex-Wretched Dawn), and bassist Shawn Peterson. Together they invoke their own brand of crushing death metal. No throwbacks, no breakdowns, no wanking, no trends. With Unique Leader as the catalyst, humanity is about to be reduced to ashes

The Band :

Shaun Peterson | Bass
Gabe Seether | Drums
KC Childers | Guitars
Taylor Wientjes | Vocals

Review :

There’s been a crime committed.  A man’s face has been violently ripped off and thrown out into the streets for all to see in breathless shock.  Police were baffled: no sign of forced entry, no sign of another other person in the room, the only clue was that the man was wearing headphones at the time of the incident.  As soon as the police checked out what music had been playing prior to the incident, another half dozen faces were torn off and flung to the streets, frightening several pensioners in the process. 

The culprits were The Kennedy Veil, and I was the man with the torn-off face (along with half a dozen of Her Majesty’s Finest, but we don’t need to worry too much about them).  I had just listened, without taking any prior precautions, to their brand new album ‘Trinity of Falsehood’.  In hindsight, it was my own fault, really.  I should’ve expected nothing but the ultimate in brutality. 

One facial reconstruction surgery later, here I am, prepared now for the musical onslaught that awaits me when I press play again.  This time, I intend to face down this beast of metal and have it become a faithful companion to my ears.  Wish me luck! 

If you are considering writing a death metal album and wonder what to use as inspiration, look no further than ‘Ad Noctum’.  This track kicks like a mule wearing steel-toe capped boots, with the guitars terrorizing and the drums fairly obliterating your speakers.  As for the vocals, Taylor Wientjes hammers home the hardcore with a voice like a nailbomb. 

It’s ridiculously difficult to single out particular tracks to recommend to you: seriously, this album is chock full of unrivalled viciousness and grinding goodness.  Take, for example, ‘Enslave.Defile.Erase’: it’s one of the longer tracks on the album at 3 minutes and 9 seconds(!), and it feels like some kind of death metal odyssey, smashing and crushing all before it under its mighty wheels as it hurtles its way towards violent new horizons.  Or, if you want another excellent slab of thrashing death to bite on, you’d be hard-pressed to find much better this year than ‘Perfidia’, an album closer which doesn’t merely end proceeds with a bang, but with a mushroom-cloud detonation. 

The track I kept coming back to from ‘Trinity of Falsehood’ has to be ‘Necrotic Gospel’.  The entire band throws out every ounce of bile and anger they have at you.  And believe me, that’s a lot of bile and anger.  Casey Childers fairly turns his guitar to splinters with his frenzied playing, and as for bassist Shawn Peterson and drummer Gabe Seeber?  Just how many musical instruments have felt your wrath, gentlemen?  ‘Necrotic Gospel’ is, in my opinion, Slayer’s ‘Angel of Death’ for a new generation. 

2014 has only just begun, and already it looks to be an amazing year for metal.  The Kennedy Veil have created ‘Trinity of Falsehood’ with the intent of being among the brutal death metal elite.  And they have joined those mighty ranks in face-ripping style: get a hold of this album and turn your January into a month filled with sonic savagery. 

Words by : Chris Markwell

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