Thursday 16 January 2014

Redneck - Possession (Review)

Album Type : 2 Song Cassette
Date Released : 31/12/2013
Label : Eolian Empire

Possession, album track listing.
1). Possession I
2). Possession II

Bio :

In 1996, a strange figure emerged from the backwoods of Kelso, Washington and trudged to Portland, Oregon. This infamous being -- who came to be known as REDNECK -- soon began appearing at houses, basements, and warehouses all over the area assaulting audiences with the harsh noise of his harsh reality.

The sounds rattling around inside REDNECK's twisted head come to life at punishing volume, as field recordings of chopping wood and breaking glass are amplified and distorted beyond comprehension.  And REDNECK's nightmare soundtrack manifests in frighteningly physical performances. He may be secretly watching you for hours before he suddenly appears and drags himself slowly toward his set of sound-destroying electronics. What at first seems harmless -- repetitive sounds conjuring scenes of him going about his daily chores -- soon becomes increasingly tense, an ominous feeling envelopes the room as he stares with dead eyes at those who have gathered. Then, without warning, there is a change, as the sounds erupt into a cacophony. REDNECK flails, falls, whips his head about in a frenzy, smashes things into his face, and screams bloody murder as the receiving vessel for imperceptible messages disguised in the undulating textures of noise blasting on all sides. When it ends, REDNECK is left broken, face down on the floor, victim to his own tortured mind

Review :

I'm gonna start this by acknowledging the elephant in the corner: most people either don't like or just simply cannot handle noise. If you've ever attempted to listen to Merzbow in a room with some friends for the first time, then you'll know exactly what I mean. You and maybe two other people are sat there in some kind of telepathic communal nod, all agreeing in silence that what is happening is completely insane but you get it.

The other seven are all looking at you and wondering how they can most effectively cut you out of their lives. Redneck is the recorded output of a man who for years has been destroying dives and gatherings in Portland with his broken electronics and field audio recordings that have been skewed and amplified past the point of normal human tolerance levels. 'Possession' is a two track tape and DD that is being put out by Eolian Empire, and it is a perfect representation of the man's sonic assault.

I dig noise. Somehow I can manage to find the rhythm in the madness, and the music in the absolute static. Admittedly, this sub genre of industrial (or as close as it can come to something like it) is EXTREMELY experimental, and acutely artistic in it's approach. Redneck records samples of wood being chopped, glass being broken and inhuman howling and then layers them with the harshest of distortion to produce one of the
most unnerving listening experiences imaginable.

To even approach either half of this 'record' in a conventional review sense is like pissing in the wind. And it's not because there aren't discernable sections or highlights to be found, the whole thing is face melting and mind blowing in equal measure. You just can't define what this is in a normal way. You do need to listen to the whole thing, and you do need to have an open mind and patience. And if you come to the table with both of those things then it will reward you greatly for (no pun) possessing them.

As raging as this is through a set of speakers, it's even more intense through a good pair of headphones. And at HIGH volume (brain = fried). But having done the research and tried to find out anything I can about the mystery man behind the noise it's plain to see that this should be witnessed live. Often frenzied, wide eyed and covered in his own blood that is pouring from his face, he administers this punishment from behind a table strewn with all kinds of pedals and devices. Seriously, look him up. Shit is intense.

I really got behind this, and if I could I would definitely try to catch it in the flesh and see if I had the brass to survive it. Please don't be put off and think that this is just nonsense, indulge your curiosity and grit those teeth. It'll be painful at first, but if you let 'Possession' get it's hooks into you then it will all have been worth it.

Mind status? Blown. Face status? Melted.

Words by : Matt Fitton

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