Friday 3 January 2014

Dresden/Leningrad - Die Tirannie

De Tirannie cover art 

Dresden/Leningrad is a Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The members are:

Lei Von Der StraBe (Drums)
Gijs Highnis (Bass)
Sebastiaan IsAan (Guitars & Vocals)

Dresden/Leningrad have been on this blog before back in Nov 2012 when I reviewed their excellent debut release - Vader. 13 months later the band have released their brilliant new album - Die Tirannie. A 3 song and 41 minute blast of heavy monolithic violent slabs of Stoner/Doom/Sludge Metal riffs.

Dresden/Leningrad have excelled themselves here. They really have. As Die Tirannie is one loud mean intense experience you won't easily forget. The band lay down some heavy brutal riffs by blending Sludge, Doom, Stoner and Drone into something truly organic.

First track - De Wittedood - is an almost 14 minute epic that slowy builds up the tension with eerie drone based noises and vibes before slowly adding delicate bass guitar riffs around the 7 minute mark. Then Sebastiaan's trance like chanting gives this song a creepy edge before the band unleash hell on earth with some fantastic heavy based riffs to crush your soul to. I don't know if it's me but I can hear an Alice In Chains influence near the very end especially with some of the heavier riffs and vocals.

An incredible start to the album. What could these Dutch Wizards impress me with next...

Well the answer is an epic almost 10 minute track called Het Oosten. Full of creepy menace with a powerful riff played at a slow-to-mid pace that superbly builds up the atmosphere before the band unleash more heavier riffs to impress you with. Another outstanding track from this great band. Can this album get any better.

Yeah it can. Dresden/Leningrad have left the best track till last to crush you with. 

De Broeder is a 19 minute violent ride into the unknown. A haunting sound-clip introduces this song with a harrowing style newflash which will leave you speechless before the band start playing a menacing slow-paced guitar riff. Sit back folks as Dresden/Leningrad are going to take you on their final nightmarish trip into their dark world. And it's a world that is very hard to escape from.

Heavy pounding riffs slowly start appearing out of nowhere with ambient noises slowly creeping in before the band start adding heavier riffs as time goes on. This is a slow-burning masterpiece that will have you hooked through out.

It ends the album on a brilliant high. Dresden/Leningard are the perfect band to play at the Roadburn Festival. As they play intense Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal music that the Roadburn crowd will go fucking crazy over.

Fucking Incredible. How is that for a recommendation. Buy this album now. It's available to buy from BandCamp now on DD. CD's and Tapes can be bought here.

Check The Band From Links Below

BandCamp - You can download their brilliand debut Vader for free. Highly Recommended.