Sunday 12 January 2014

Lake of Blood - Omnipotens Tyrannus (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 5/11/2013
Label : Cult of Melancholia

Omnipotens Tyrannus Tracklisting :

1). Blood & Mercy 11:13
2). He Who Becomes 08:42
3). In Wells Of Shadow 13:31
4). Agape 13:21
5). Tyrannus 12:09
6). Omnipotens 16:15
7). Reflect & Suffer at the Paw of Grace 03:43

Bio :

"Lake of Blood was forged from the shadow of the suns penetrating gaze in MMVII. All shall cower and weep before our name.

Omnipotens Tyrannus is the sophomore release from Southern California atmospheric black metal cult Lake of Blood. It is their first to demonstrate the full potential of the current line up, introduced on the live recording, the Burial Grounds Session(Eternal Warfare 2012). The running length of the record surpasses an hour, comprised of 7 individual songs. Compared to debut LP, As Time and Tide Erodes Stone (Human Jigsaw/The Flenser, 2011), a noticeable development in song writing and musicianship is inarguable.
The cassette album release is set for November 5th through Cult of Melancholia. 80 minutes worth of material compiled and written between 2010-2012 and was recorded between 2012-2013 with Erol Ulug at Hi Octane Studios in Santa Ana, CA. This album featured massive contributions in all forms (strings, screams/howls, & lyrics) by Wrest of Leviathan/Lurker of Chalice and Scott "The Collects" Miller, former and original member of  Sutekh Hexen, who contributed all sounds and noise of paranoia & angst woven in and between songs.
Lake of Blood, keystone to the Cult of Melancholia, are at home along the desert coast line of Southern Los Angeles county. They are able to draw inspiration from the restless ocean, roaming hillsides, and the oppressive presence of mankind. Inspiration comes equally from within. The mind can be a vessel to experience things outside of reality. It is upon this plane the music is best understood."

Review :

Bleak and grim, Lake of Blood’s latest offering ‘Omnipotens Tyrannus’, released as a physical product on cassette only, is classic black metal to the core. However, the Californian five piece injects refreshing modernity into the genre through technically precise riffing, cohesive texture and a clear production. 

‘Omnipotens Tyrannus’ is a challenging listen at times, with a total run time of nearly 80 minutes and most songs surpassing the 10 minute mark, it’s quite the commitment to listen to in its entirety. However that is how this album should be heard, from start to finish with no interruptions and the rewards are reaped.

Immensely powerful and unpredictable, each riff, drum beat and change in tempo is executed with precision. Relentless blast beats pervade each track, generating a pummelling driving force that rarely ceases. The general tone of the album is totally savage; a cold frosty atmosphere is prevalent throughout, the vocals being the predominant cause. Staying true to the black metal form Haagr’s vocals are harsh, sinister and intensely unsettling.

Difficult to single out individual tracks as none falter, and as aforementioned the album works most effectively in its entirety. Nevertheless the haunting nature of He Who Becomes and instrumental track Reflect & Suffer at the Paw of Grace particularly appeal to my personal taste. And the bizarre yet wonderful Omnipotens undoubtedly stands out through its unpredictability, deranged dissonance and general complexities.

What I find most likeable about ‘Omnipotens Tyrannus’ was the overwhelming sense of unknown, each track heading in a direction you can never foresee. Riff patterns and tempo are completely unpredictable. Opening track Blood and Mercy epitomises this, showcasing everything Lake of Blood have to offer and then some. This is an album you become utterly absorbed into, this is not a light frivolous listen it is dark, harrowing and ultimately magnificent.

Words by : Heather Blewett

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