Friday 3 January 2014

Forge of Clouds - Ordinary Death - Album Review

Ordinary Death cover art

Forge Of Clouds is a Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Poland.

The members are:

Jakub Hanusa, Wojciech Lichota, Filip Dąbrowski

Hailing from Poland, Forge of Clouds released Ordinary Death in late 2013, a hauntingly sparse and diverse post-metal album. The guitars are bathed in reverb, drums evocative, and the vocals are reminiscent of parody act KOMPRESSOR (and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible - I LOVED them). Throughout the record elements of post-hardcore, doom and stoner rock crop up, showing the band's range and abilities.

It all starts off with the brief, but lonely and atmospheric title track, setting the stage for Concupisence. The song starts in with a killer stoner-esque riff, and finishes with a dose of math and screaming solo work. Delay continues the sparse and atmospheric tone, while changing gears and shifting styles throughout the track.

Mahakala has the heaviest grooves on the album, hitting hard at the start, progressing into a quiet bridge, then laying down the hammer at the end. Dissonance follows with a loud-quiet-loud song, chugging heavily and delivering the most dynamic passages on the album. Cliche is a slow dirge rounding out the end of the record before Wrong Number - a wandering and contemplative song, dark in tone and quite sparse, but thunderous when it gets big.

This is a patient album, travelling down long and lonely roads. Forge of Clouds has it available to stream on their bandcamp page - check it out while it's still up there for free.

Written by Ben Bowman

Ordinary Death is now available to buy from BandCamp Now. It's an excellent album to check out if you're fan of Isis, Neurosis and Cult of Luna. Check out their brilliant debut S/T album which is available for free download.

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