Friday 10 January 2014

Doctor Cyclops - Oscuropasso - Album Review


Doctor Cyclops is a Heavy Rock Power Trio from Bosmenso, Italy

The members are:

Christian Draghi - Guitar and Vocals
Francesco Filippini - Bass
Alessandro Dallera - Drums

Doctor Cyclops made an impression with the heavy rock musical world back in 2012 when they released their superb debut album - Borgotondo. It's style of blues, hard rock, doom, psych and stoner rock made them a band to look out for.

Well I am pleased to say less than 2 years later the band are back with their new album - Oscuropasso. Doctor Cyclops blend of Occult Rock, Doom, Hard Rock and Blues Rock may not sound entirely original but appearances can be deceiving as their stunning new album is one weird beast indeed.

The band fuse Heavy Blues Rock with retro style vintage riffs that would of made these guys worldwide megastars back in the 70s. People are saying the whole Retro Rock/Occult Rock scene is becoming a bit stale. Well people - wait until you hear this brilliant album.

Doctor Cyclops have written 5 tracks that will delight and possibly frustrate you at times. As the band have a wicked sense of humour to their music. One minute you could be listening to a great hard rocking riff and the next minute, the band throw a curve ball by adding slight jazz based touches. Though the more I listened to the album, the more I began to appreciate the lush complex melodies the band have written on the album.

Tracks such as Angel Saviour In The Cannibal House has a playful energy but lurking underneath is a slightly more demonic band starting to emerge from the darkness.

Vocalist - Christian - is the man of many voices. His vocal is truly impressive here. Part Showman, Part Tour Guide and full time mad man. Especially on Cobweb Hands which fills the atmosphere with a sense of dread just like a scene from a classic horror movie.

Musically speaking the album is a masterclass on how to include so many different moods and noises but still managing to make it so fresh and original. Doctor Cyclops are fantastic musicians and they prove this time and time again on the album. There are a huge amount of superb riffs to be discovered here.

The albums centrepiece is the 16 minute epic- Rotten Trolls. A heavy blues soaked mix of Occult Rock, Hard Rock and Doom which plays out like a demonic rock opera. As the band tell an intriguing dark story with creepier music to match. Imagine The Who meets Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats, well that's how this track and album fully plays out.

Doctor Cyclops have delivered a stunning album that will find many admirers within the Hard Rock world.This album is definitely what the Doctor ordered if you're suffering from post-winter blues.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to the band for sending ourselves a copy to review. Oscuropasso will be released in Feb 2014 via World In Sound Records.

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