Friday 10 January 2014

Legions of War - Forced To The Ground - Album Review

Legions of War - Forced to the Ground

Album Type: Full Length
Release Date: 12/20/2013
Label: Inferno Records
Forced to the Ground, track list:

1 Intro/Through the Barricades
2 Forced to the Ground
3 Pile of Corpses
4 Remains of Wars
5 At the Eastern Shores
6 Grandiose Visions
7 Death Brigade
8 In the Warfield Storms
9 Night of Revenge

Legions of War are:

Hellwind : Bass
Martin Hogebrandt : Drums
Widowreaper : Guitars
Zyklon : Vocals & Guitars

Since LOW are on Inferno Records; the accompanying press kit was well put together; complete with the band’s logo, publicity shot, album art work (high quality) and a PDF bio. In an era where most bands have a bandcamp presence and little more; it was refreshing to see time put into a press package.

LOW have been compared to Destroyer666 and Gospel of the Horns; being from a completely different hemisphere (LOW is from Sweden and the other two are from Australia); LOW’s music and speed are where that comparison ends. LOW runs at a breakneck speed through the valley of war and throw the corpses off of the highest peaks they can find.

I am not a fan of growling/grunting vocals, the clear angst ridden screams of Zyklon further drive TOW’s aggressive warmonger attitude home. The band can play and they play their asses off! In most thrash releases; it’s a rehash of the same riffs over and over. TOW adds power metal arrangements to the thrash assault and this album has a sheen to it that makes everything stand out in the mix.

The album plays out almost like a concept album. From the beginning of the battle, through small victories and defeats and ultimately ending in revenge.

I won’t review this song by song; you should buy it and listen to it as a whole thought; as a whole story about man’s ruin. Fans of bands like DESTROYER'666, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, KREATOR, SODOM will love this album!!

Written by Ransome Note

Thanks to Inferno Records for sending us a promo to review. Forced To The Ground is available to buy now.

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