Saturday 25 January 2014

Sound Harbour - To Eternally Ride The Nowhere Plains

To Eternally Ride The Nowhere Plains cover art

Album Type:EP
Date Released: 15th December 2013
Label: Self Released

To Eternally Ride The Nowhere Plains, album track listing:

1.Unknown Footprints on Familiar Ground
2.Awakening Fragility in a Sturdy World
3.A Cyclone of Adrenaline
4.You must have been walking for ages and only seen the hills. I have warm coffee inside, come... 
5.Instructions on how not to dismantle the Bomb

Sound Harbour was formed in the autumn of 2013. The term 'sound' in the name takes the meaning of firm, stable. Namely, playing music is often a haven we can retreat to, wherever we are or whatever we're doing.


Right. Who is up for something different in the realm of Instrumental Rock Music. Yeah me too. And here is the answer folks. A great band from Belgium called Sound Harbour who play a mixture of Stoner Rock, Space Rock, Post-Metal and even groove. Yeah definitely a weird combination but it works.

Sound Harbour's debut EP - To Eternally Ride The Nowhere Plains – is a 5 track opus which runs for a brisk 25 mins or so. But it's great ride from start to finish as the band defy genre expectations and play their own rules in the realm of Instrumental rock. So these guys are doing something different indeed.

Excellent tracks – Unknown Footprints On Familiar Ground and Awakening Fragility in a Sturdy World prove what great musicians Sound Harbour actually are. They are definitely creative with the song titles as they guys do have a great sense of humour to match the superb music on show.

Am going to keep this review short and sweet – DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!!! - It's an excellent blast of action packed riffs from start to finish. It will leave you with a huge smile on your face. If you want riffs that defies genres then Sound Harbour is the band for you.

Headover to BandCamp and download this now as the guys have this for Buy Now Download. You won't be sorry.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Written by Steve Howe

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