Tuesday 21 January 2014

Whitemare - Screamer EP (Review)

Album Type : EP
Date Released : 19/11/2013
Label : Riot House Records

Screamer, EP track listing :

1). Elm Grave
2). Elm Grave Too
3). Snider
4). Scene-agers
5). Dead Beat Street
6). Metallicaz Playing At My House
7). Run Away From The Cops

Bio :

Brighton UK’s WHITEMARE will see their new EP SCREAMER released by RIOT HOUSE RECORDS on November 19, 2013. Whitemare features ex-Architect vocalist Matt Johnson, ex-Johnny Truant guitarist Al Kilcullen and ex-Centurion drummer Eugene Economou. The band, which has been described as a cross between hardcore punk, metal, and southern rock ,have been torturing eardrums since 2008.

The Band :

Matt Johnson | Vocals
Al Kilcullen | Guitar
Eugene Economou | Drums
Lewis Porter | Bass

Review :

Now, I’m not one to use the word ‘supergroup’ lightly, but when I was given Whitemare’s EP ‘Screamer’ to review, I took a closer look at its members.  Let’s see: ah, hello ex-Architects frontman Matt Johnson.  Oh, there’s Johnny Truant’s guitarist Al Kilcullen, alongside Centurion’s ex-drummer Eugene Economou.  Filling out this lineup is bass maniac Lewis Porter, whose pummeling playing style compliments the overall craziness quite nicely.  So yeah, this band is most definitely worthy of attention. 

This offering is an obnoxious, spittle-drenched riot of sound and fury, throwing out chords and choruses like beer bottles on unprotected heads.  These guys don’t channel the punk attitude: they grind it up into a fine powder and snort it off a second-hand copy of ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’.  With tracks like ‘Scene-Agers’ – a vicious pointed finger at hipsters and scene kids – or ‘Metallicaz Playing At My House’ – a cynicism-laden nod to the biggest and brashest parties your teen years gave you – it’s a grimy yet infectious brand of hardcore this unwashed lot purvey. 

If ever you listened to Gallows and wondered what happened to that raw, seething energy, I have a sneaking suspicion Whitemare nicked it from them, along with their lunch money and a pack of twenty Marlboro Reds.  This leads nicely to my highlight track, ‘Run Away from the Cops’, a two-fingered salute to authority figures the world over.  In case you haven’t realized it yet, these guys are all about subtle as a killer whale is all about dry. 

Whitemare is a band born from strife and frustration, and their music is a channel for that anger.  Matt Johnson and co. have thrown themselves mind, body and soul into the world of the hardcore punk, and have shown us all in ‘Screamer’ that this genre is alive and violently well.  Spike your hair, don’t wash your clothes and join in the chaos. 

Words by : Chris Markwell

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