Saturday 25 January 2014

Disenchanter - On Through Portals - EP Review

On Through Portals cover art

Album Type:EP
Date Released: 8th January 2014
Label: Self Released

On Through Portals, album track listing:

1.Journey To Abydos – Moon Maid
2. Invoke
3. Into Darkness

Formed in May of 2011, rising from the ashes of the black machine, invoked after many moons, Disenchanter is a heavy rock band riding the currents of doom, casting riffs of rock, and melding the elixirs of metal to bring forth a fantasy of sci-fi wrapped in a stoner groove!

Sabine Stangenberg is the axe wielding siren leading the trio toward unending landscapes of enchanting sonic textures.

Joey DeMartini is the fuzz-evoking bottom dweller energizing the engine of passion to push beyond all boundaries.

Jay Erbe is the skins punishing usurper upon the throne of thunderous rumblings echoing through the heavens to unite all time in a never ending now.

Disenchanter has played in Oregon, Washington, and California and have released two eps, 'Back To Earth' and 'On Through Portals' which are both available for digital download at If you would like to purchase a physical copy or other merch please contact us directly. Stay heavy!

The Band:

Sabine Stangenberg - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Joey DeMartini - Bass
Jay Erbe - Drums


Disenchanter is a band that I have recently started digging in a big way. Mainly thanks to their brilliant new EP – On Through Portals – a magical riffing musical odyssey which is packed full of immense groove and riffs. This hard-rocking power trio cast magical spells of Doom Metal and Stoner Metal that you won't easily forget.

What you get is 3 tracks and 32 mins of finely tuned riffs that will make you a fan in seconds. Sabine's sultry vocals have a magical aura around them and she is spellbinding through out especially on epic 1st track – Journey To Abydos – Moon Maid - A 12 minute epic that captures this band at their captivating best.

Disenchanter have a great reputation in their home town of Portland, Oregon and it's not hard to see why. This band really do have something special and it shows through out this excellent EP. It's full of awesome riffs to drown yourself in along with catchy lyrics as well.

2nd track – Invoke – is my fave track off the album. It may not be the longest track here. OK it's pretty epic at almost 8 mins but this track shows Disenchanter at their most human and raw. Slow paced riffs with a bounding bass-line slowly build up the atmosphere before Sabine starts adding cool layers of heavy blues based riffs with a slight air of menace around them. Though it's Jay's drumming that gives this song such a thunderous hard-rocking edge. Play this one at full blast and in a darkened room to get the full effect.

3rd track – Into Darkness – is another heavy riffing track full of atmospheric Doom/Stoner Metal riffs to chill your soul to. It starts again nice and slow before exploding into a loud wall of noise that will soon get you rocking out. It may have a few slight nods to Electric Wizard style riffage but it's still a great track to show what Disenchanter are all about. It ends the EP on a great finish.

You may not think you have witnessed something special but trust me you have. Go back for more listens as Disenchanter have created a beautifully restrained release full of passion that some bands have trouble matching. If you decide to pass on this release then you're truly missing out here as – On Through Portals – is a blistering and brilliant ride into the unknown.

You can download this now on Buy Now Download from BandCamp. So headover there now and download this now along with their other excellent EP – Back To Earth.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Written by Steve Howe

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