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Hell - Curse & Chapter (Album Review)

Album Type : Album Type
Date Released : 22.11.2013
Label : Nuclear Blast

Curse & Chapter, album track listing :

1. Gehennae Incendiis 1:47
2. The Age Of Nefarious 3:46
3. The Disposer Supreme 6:52
4. Darkhangel 7:15
5. Harbinger Of Death 4:55
6. End Ov Days 5:33
7. Deathsquad 5:14
8. Something Wicked This Way Comes 5:09
9. Faith Will Fall 3:47
10. Land Of The Living Dead 4:09
11. Deliver Us From Evil 4:45
12. A Vespertine Legacy 6:36

The Band :

David Bower | Vocals
Kev Bower | Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Andy Sneap |  Guitar
Tony Speakman |  Bass
Tim Bowler |  Drums

Review :

Having Hell back on the metal scene is a great thing, and don't let anyone tell you any different! As a live prospect they're superb; they're a tight band who know how to craft glorious choruses and scintillating riffs into a stupendous mix of metal fun. 2011's Human Remains had the cult status to help it along, but I doubt it would have needed this, as it was such a fine record. Second time around, can lightning strike twice?

In short...a resounding yes. More of the same formula is at work throughout. The blasphemous lyrics, the catchy hooks, the razor sharp guitars and the beefy rhythm section.

A suitably sinister opening track gives way to lead single; The Age of Nefarious. This track already had me salivating about the album when I got the chance to review it for The Sludgelord. It's the perfect way to kick things off proper. Disposer Supreme opens with one of several spoken word sections that picks up the dramatic theme that was so well introduced on Human Remains. The dramatic is something that is once again employed in superb fashion throughout the album. The riff that opens Disposer Supreme is one of many glorious moments. The following track is an early highlight for me. Darkhangel has a dark string laden opening which again creates a sinister tension before a standard rock opening is obliterated with another amazing stomach churning riff.

David Bower’s vocal range for the duration of the album sees him plundering the depths with deep tones, but his shriek is second to none. His delivery on Something Wicked This Way Comes is a joy to hear. It is snarling and unnerving; and the chorus line will get stuck in your head. The Shakespearean themes are something that Hell is no stranger too. The off tempo nature in certain parts of the track also shows the complexity in the ranks of Hell’s awesome rhythm section. Another great chorus is laid down on End Ov Days. The marching opening of the track leads to great head down neck wrecker of a track. Land of the Living Dead’s opening sounds like a horror flick on wax. A keyboard opening is once again taken to the next level with a classic and anthemic rock feel.

Hell is a band that should be lauded a lot. Each track on Curse & Chapter has its own story to tell, and each one is delivered with aplomb. There is a greater use of synthesisers on the album; however this only seeks to add to the mystique and intrigue of the album. They’re a fantastic band; and for a band that looked like being merely a footnote on music history, they’re certainly reinforcing their mark on the industry. Andy Sneap’s production values and the bands quality shine throughout; the record shows that the band was not merely a one record flash in the pan. Sometimes a second album is the hardest of a bands output, that means you’ll have a career or not. Curse and Chapter seeks only to cement Hell’s position as one of the best metal bands in England.

Words by : Dominic Walsh

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