Sunday 5 January 2014

Interview with Monkey3

Starting off in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2001, Monkey3 are a unique band within the stoner rock genre, an instrumental band, fusing progressive elements, as well as psychedelia too.

Now on their 5th record, entitled the 5th Sun, it is arguably their best release to date.  Partnering with Napalm Records / Spinning Goblin records for its release and completing a successful European tour in support of the record over 23 days, 21 shows, 7 countries and covering 10'000 km, 2013 could be considered a success.

Having reviewed their brilliant new record, Richard Maw caught up with Boris from Monkey3 to ask a few questions, so here is the Monkey3 interview in full. 

(SL).  You have been around for over a decade now- How do you make sure that what you write is fresh and exciting?

(Boris) We always try to work all together and play music that is satisfying for all the band members.

(SL) Congratulations on your new album- it is a superb listen. Did you do anything different in the recording process for this record?

(Boris) Basically we worked the same way as usual, a lot of jamming and live recording in the studio.

SL). How do you generally write your music- I imagine it to be a collective effort with the band playing together a lot- is this correct?!

(Boris) Usually we start by jamming a lot and then we listen back to the tapes, pick up what inspire us and work on arrangements, it's a team effort.

(SL). Would you say the band focuses on rhythm, melody... or something else?

(Boris) We surely focus on groove and melody, but the main thing for us is to focus on the vibe of the overall album, the atmospheres and feelings.

(SL). What are your thoughts about playing Desertfest in London, 2014?

(Boris) We are really excited to do it, it's gonna be a great festival and a good exposure for us in the UK.

(SL). Do you have any plans to play any other dates in the UK in 2014?

(Boris) We don't know yet, but hopefully yes.

(SL). How do you think the health of the stoner/doom scene is these days? There seem to be more bands/blogs/festivals etc.

(Boris) The scene is growing, good bands, lot of passionate people working and great audiences.

(SL). How has the growth in the scene affected Monkey3? Positive or negative?

(Boris) It's all positive, a big family growing and touching more and more people.

(SL). I notice that your latest album, The 5th Sun, is available on several formats and vinyl types- what are your preferences for listening to music? Vinyl or digital?

(Boris) Vinyl is the best sounding one and artworks look better.

(SL). Has the resurgence of vinyl helped Monkey3?

(Boris) I guess so, at our shows we sell more vinyl then CD's, vinyl is an item that looks more appealing to a lot of people.

(SL).  Who are your favourite musicians? (bands or individuals)

(Boris) Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Led Zep, Black Sab, AC/DC…

(SL). Have these bands/individuals influenced you in writing and/or performing your music?

(Boris) Those bands made us want to start to play music when we were kids and we learned by listening to them, the music we play now has undoubtedly those influences in it.

(SL). If each of you could jam with any band(s) what bands would they be?

(Boris) AC/DC !

(SL). Does literature or film influence your music?

(Boris) Movies do influence the way we write music, we often project a movie in our rehearsal room while we're jamming. Actually, it would be a dream to write a movie soundtrack one day.

(SL). How difficult is it to balance the demands of home life with keeping the band going?

(Boris) Our lives are dedicated to music, so to find a good balance between music and private life isn't much complicated.

(SL). What is the music scene like in Switzerland

(Boris) The swiss music scene is doing quite good, lot of good and active bands and good venues to play in.

(SL). Do you have your own place to rehearse or rent a room at a facility?

(Boris) We have our own rehearsal space where we can practice as much as we possibly can.

(SL). What is the most rewarding this about playing in Monkey3?

(Boris) Keep doing what we like to do most and enjoying it.

(SL). What is the best show you have ever played?

(Boris) We played a lot of really cool show; it's too hard to pick just one.

(SL). If you could play a show with any band, who would that band be?

(Boris) Pink Floyd

Intro : Aaron Pickford
Interview : Richard Maw

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