Thursday 30 January 2014

NIBIRU - NETRAYONI: Ritual I and Ritual II - Album Review

NETRAYONI: ritual II tears of Kaly cover art

Album Type:Full Length
Date Released: Out Now
Label: Self Released

NETRAYONI: ritual I the Kaula's circle, album track listing:

1.Kshanika Mukta 17:12
2.Apsara 10:35
3.Sekhet Aahru 05:09
4.Qaa-Om Sapah 13:15
5.Arkashani 03:25

NETRAYONI: ritual II tears of Kaly, album track listing:

1.Kwaw-Loon 16:35
2.Sekhmet 07:25
3.Celeste: Samsara is broken (remastered version) 10:54
4.Viparita Karani 07:54
5.Sothis 02:03

Band Info:

Nibiru is a massive trio formed in Italy by Ardath, RI, and Siatris, with a huge abuse of watts, tribal rhythms and enochian chants, Nibiru redefines the concept that underlies "psychedelic sludge". from the debut album "Caosgon" released in February 2013 until the explosive "Netrayoni" out in February 2014, the watchword is: ritualising improvisation. What makes Nibiru an individual project compared to the mass is that every single piece is born from improvisation. No preconceived notion, pure primal instinct, frenetic drum and gaping bass lines create plots on which harrowing guitars give a new meaning to the word "psychedelic", all enriched by ancient vocals born to open your mind and see beyond.

The Band

RI - bass and liturgic organ
Ardath: guitar & voice
Siatris: drums, percussions & Virus


Almost a year after releasing one of my fave records of 2013, Italian Psych Sludge Metallers – Nibiru are back to inflict more sonic devastation upon to the world.

They have just released a truly stunning two-part album that runs for a mind-expanding 95 mins or so.

Netrayoni: Ritual 1 – The Kaula’s Circle
Netrayoni: Ritual 2 – Tears of Kaly

If you are a fan of their debut album then you are in for a wild ride as Nibiru are back stronger and stranger than ever before. Nibiru have further enhanced their self-proclaimed – Tribal Psychedelic Sludge – experience. Imagine BONG jamming with Ufomammut and that is only a glimpse of what to expect on this psychedelic journey into the unknown.

Nibiru have embraced the Drone side of their music unlike ever before as it violently clashes with the warped out vibes of their Doom/Sludge Metal riffs they brought to the world less than a year ago. The first album is probably the most drone based of the two releases with plenty of twists and turns to keep you in a trance through out. Nibiru add distorted voices that echo from a distant world or dimension with the heavy and slow pounding sludge metal riffs trying to confuse you at every turn.

Netrayoni is an unconventional album, as it has no set narrative or structure to fall back on. This is Nibiru doing what Nibiru does so well. Playing music that only they can truly understand as this album will frustrate, confuse, delight and thrill you all in equal measure. Nibiru leave no stone unturned as they blaze through 95 mins of immense Psych/Drone based Doom/Sludge Metal music that comes from a long lost world. It may have some recognisable speeches and noises through out the epic running time but this album will leave you emotionally drained at times. As the band lay on epic riffs that, have the power to last for days.

When Nibiru do include vocals they are very hard to decipher and that is the point. They are carrying the same vibe from their last album but on a bigger scale as it still feels the band are trying to communicate with a lost civilization of some kind. If you love the first epic track – Kshanika Mukta – then you are going to dig Nibiru in a big way. If after those incredible 17 mins, you are feeling rather unmoved or slightly nauseous by the experience well my advice is to turn back now as the album(s) only become stranger, crazier and louder with each passing moment.

Netrayoni is a deeply moving and involving album that becomes a better experience the more times you listen to it. Therefore, you may need a few listens before getting the full effect. As you are going to miss a whole load of noises and riffs as Nibiru have a lot going on at times. This is a very-multi layered album.

The 2nd part of the album feels more of a spiritual successor to their debut album as it features the same sort of music that made me a fan of their music in the first place. It is a lot more straight forward compared to Part 1 but do not think the guys lay off the crazy psych sonic riffs they played earlier as they do not. Part 2 is just as imaginative though the band combining the two worlds from Netrayoni and Caosgon for one wild unpredictable ride.

Netrayoni is a surreal psychedelic nightmare come to life. It embraces the crazier side of music with more riffs you could possibly imagine. It is a truly stunning work of art though it may divide opinions within the Doom/Sludge Metal community as it you need to give this album your full attention. Even if you lose one second of concentration you may have a different experience altogether than the one you should be expecting.

Netrayoni is one of the most creative albums I have heard in a very long time. Nibiru are one of the new breed of Italian Sludge Metal bands and I recommend you check them out now, as Netrayoni is a brilliant and uncompromising album from a truly talented band that can only become better. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next as Nibiru have potential to be one of the most creative and forward thinking bands within the scene.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Written by Steve Howe

Netrayoni: Ritual 1 – The Kaula’s Circle & Netrayoni: Ritual 2 – Tears of Kaly is available to buy on DD and Limited Edition Double CD.

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