Thursday 16 January 2014

The Double A Doom Interview : Noctum

Formerly known as Séance and starting on their journey in 2009, the last five years or so has seen a steady incline for these Swedish occultists.  Changing their name to Noctum, releasing a debut record called The Séance in 2010 and The Fiddler EP in 2011, the underground embraced the band and lauded over their output.

Not unsurprisingly, it would only be a matter of time before one of the bigger labels came knocking, enter stage right, Metal Blade Records.  Coupled with a settled line up, Noctum returned in 2013, with their next installment, entitled The Final Sacrifice.  Proof that there is more to Sweden than great death metal music, Noctum are certainly one’s to watch, so I am pleased to say, they are the first band to welcome to my new series of interviews, entitled The Double A Doom Interviews.  So let’s get started with David from Noctum

(DAD) Who are you; state your name (s) and purpose?

This is David Indelöf answering these questions. 

(DAD) Summarise your musical journey (s) this point?

The journey has been quite Intense, and productive. Recorded our first album after only playing together for about 9 months. Played some live shows mostly within Sweden, but also in Germany in 2011, aswell as in 2012. Due to lack of motivation and dedication from members, we had to let a few ones go, and recruited our current members Fredrik Jansson (drums) and Daniel Johansson (guitar) Best line up for the band so far, and fitted very good for our album Final sacrifice, recorded and released in 2013.

(DAD) What can fans look forward to from you in 2014? How is your schedule shaping up?

The schedule is not shaping up really. But hopefully will soon. I'm almost CERTAIN that we will head to the US this year. But like I said, no Firm plans. We'll see what will happen, but no album, will be released this year.

(DAD) What springs to mind when you think about the completion of your new/current record?

It's a heavy piece of work. 

(DAD) Who handles song writing duties?

Me (David) handles the musical part, with riffs and everything. Tobias does most of the lyrics. That's pretty much how it has been working since we started. 

(DAD) How long was the gestation of your new/current opus from conception to delivery?  

The gestation was quite long actually. It took a while to collect all the Noctum traits from our previous material and create something powerful, new and heavy. This reformation or what to call it, was going on from about 2011-2013.

(DAD) Reflecting on your new/current record, was your artwork designed with a particular physical format in mind? Who designed it? What are your thoughts on the finished physical product? What format is/will be available? 

Artwork cover was painted by Timo Ketola, a Finnish guy who has painted for a lot of Swedish extreme metal bands. He managed to caught a moody atmosphere that we were very pleased with. It really fitted our newer, rawer and darker sound. It was not painted with a particular physical format I think.

(DAD) The best and worst things about being in a band?

Best: Playing rock music is priceless. It can be powerful and have an impact on people. And of course very liberating.

Worst: Time consuming. Expensive to fix broken amps etc, and controversies within the band, that can get out of hand. 

(DAD) Influences and heroes, what are turn offs and turn on’s?

Turn on's: So many, hard to say. Ritchie Blackmore, Ozzy, Bobby Liebling, GG Allin etc.

Turn offs: Justin Bieber

(DAD) Any record from the past or present that springs to mind?

Black Sabbath - Paranoid, Deep Purple -  In Rock, Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus 

(DAD) The last album that kicked your arse?

Last album that probably kicked my arse was Enforcers Death by fire

(DAD) What was your first instrument or musical experience and what do you use today?

My first instrument that I began to play was piano, but very quickly changed to guitar.  Later on I also began to sing. But that wasn't until 2009 I think.  The reason I began to play guitar was because it was cooler, and I wanted to play like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. 

(DAD) One item, gear or otherwise that characterises your band and one item from your set up you cannot live without?

My pedals I can not be without! Stage wise it would have to be skulls, and our backdrop. 

(DAD) Pro-tools versus old school?

It doesn't matter for me really. A combination would have to be a preference though. A retro production is not very important for me. 

(DAD) Blogs and social media vs. getting on the road and touring?

Getting on the road and touring, definitely.

(DAD) What are your survival tips for the road

Porno and booze. 

(DAD) What have been your band highlight (s) thus far

Highlights: record an album, it's meaningful to hear and improve a recording, and solos and stuff. To release an album and to get good responses also feels good. 

(DAD) Vinyl Junkie or Ipod flunky? Discuss   

I like both. If I'm home I prefer vinyl, but I' very glad I can listen to music when I'm on the bus. But it's a totally different atmosphere when you sit at home and listen to a Vinyl. You can listen to it properly, and not be bothered by the outside world.

(DAD) Indiegogo or creative no no?

I don't get it!

(DAD) Finally, do you have any final comments/word of wisdom you’d like to bestow upon us?

Watch out for upcoming rock madness!

Words and interview by : Aaron Pickford