Thursday 16 January 2014

The Double A Doom Interview: Whores.

If gargantuan helmet esque riffs are your deal, then you won’t have failed to notice, the holy ball buster that was Whores.  sophomore release, Clean.  Fitton described the record best saying it  is so good; it should be illegal for it to exist.  The amount of groove base riffs per capita was truly mouth watering, so much so in fact that after hearing a mere 2 tracks, I immediately headed to their bandcamp site and purchased both their records.   Result!!

Therefore, I am beyond stoked Christian from Whores. agreed to talk to us here for the second installment of The Double A Doom Interview.  Following the release of Clean. these riff dealers are not resting on their laurels and during our conversation, they seem agitated to get back into the studio to record a follow up.  So with talk of new music and whole lot more, It is gives me great pleasure to welcome, one Whore to SludgelordHQ, Christian Lembach.  They ain’t no pimps!!

(DAD) Who are you, state your name (s) and purpose?

My name is Christian, and I’m here to fuck shit up.

(DAD) Summarise your musical journey (s) this point?

I love Journey. Seriously. Steve Perry can sing his ass off.

(DAD) What can fans look forward to from you in 2014? How is your schedule shaping up?

We have a bunch of stuff coming up. We have a split single coming out that we did with the band Rabbits (Portland), we’re recording an indieATL session, we’re recording a song for the Amphetamine Reptile’s revived Dope, Guns and Fucking in the Streets series, we’re playing the Metal Sucks showcase at SXSW, and we have a U.S. tour directly following (dates with Deafheaven, Lo Pan, Gay Witch Abortion, Fight Amp, Rye Coalition and Roomrunner). And that’s just March.

(DAD) What springs to mind when you think about the completion of your new/current record?

I’m ready to get cracking on the next one, honestly. I love everything we’ve done so far, but I feel like we’re just getting going.

(DAD) Who handles song writing duties?

I usually bring in riffs or basic structures and we flesh out arrangements together. Then we record the rough arrangement and I bring the recording home to write words and tweak the arrangement.

(DAD) How long was the gestation of your new/current opus from conception to delivery?  

We’ve played a few of the songs on Clean in our set for a little while, and some of the songs were brand new, so it’s hard to say. The words for “Last Looks” were written in the studio, but Cougars, Not Kittens is actually one of our oldest songs. We also recorded more songs than we released. We get shit sometimes for not putting out longer records, but we’d rather release something that we are super proud of than something we’re 80% proud of, you know?

(DAD) Reflecting on your new/current record, was your artwork designed with a particular physical format in mind? Who designed it? What are your thoughts the finished physical product? What format is/will be available? 

I usually have an idea in mind as far as the name of the record and the artwork should reflect that. We treated Clean as a companion piece to our first record, Ruiner, so I had the concept of the matches and the name together. Our friend Chad Hess took the picture and our friend Patrick Copeland did the layout. I absolutely love the grey splatter vinyl, and the purple version is beautiful as well. Sadly, those are both long sold out. We are self-releasing a CD with both Ruiner and Clean on it for our upcoming tour, and Brutal Panda is doing a second pressing of Clean on vinyl as we speak.

(DAD) The best and worst things about being in a band?

The best thing is everything. I couldn’t do anything else.
The worst part is scraping by to make ends meet financially.

(DAD) Influences and heroes, what are turn offs and turn on’s?

Our influences are pretty obvious, I think. What a lot of people probably don’t know is that we all really like pop music like The Pixies and I personally love 80s stuff like Bauhaus and The Birthday Party. A sort of morose aesthetic really resonates with me for some reason. Dax Riggs and Mark Lanegan are two of my favourite singers.

(DAD) Any record from the past or present that springs to mind?

I like so much stuff; it’s hard to say just one record. Let’s say Rated R.

(DAD) The last album that kicked your arse?

Easy. Retox’s YPLL.

(DAD) What was your first instrument or musical experience and what do you use today?

I had a friend growing up who had an electric guitar and amp, and I used to go over his house to make noise with it while all of our other friends were outside playing or whatever. I was so drawn to it.

I could talk about gear for hours. For the sake of brevity, I play single-coil guitars, fuzz pedals and loud, clean amps.

(DAD) One item, gear or otherwise that characterises your band and one item from your set up you cannot live without?

Another easy one: the green Russian Big Muff.

(DAD) Pro-tools versus old school?

Both work. I’m no purist.

(DAD) Blogs and social media vs. getting on the road and touring?

I shepherd our online stuff pretty closely, and I think it has definitely helped our band, but there is no substitute for melting faces. I love knowing that people like our band based on recordings alone, because that means we’re going to absolutely fuck them up when they see us play.

(DAD) What are your survival tips for the road, any rider requests? 

I have to drink a gallon of water a day, sleep constantly and not eat any dairy whatsoever. We’re nowhere near having any sort of rider yet, though. Two words: Waffle House.

(DAD) Have you ever been starstruck and what have been your band highlight (s) thus far

I haven’t really met any celebrities or whatever through the band, but that stuff is kind of silly to me anyway. As far as highlights, Playing with Retox and meeting JP was a pretty big deal for me.  

(DAD) Vinyl Junkie or Ipod flunky? Discuss 

As a band, you have to do both, but I want both as a listener as well. I listen to a ton of vinyl at home, but I have to have access to music everywhere, so an iPod is a must. I recently lost an iPod with over 5,000 songs on it. I was so bummed. I’m populating a new one now. On the flipside, I just got two records in the mail today.

(DAD) Indiegogo or creative no no?

Never. That shit is disgusting to me.

(DAD) Finally, do you have any final comments/word of wisdom you’d like to bestow upon us?

Hahahaha. Certainly not.

Thank you on behalf of the Sludgelord.

Thanks buddy. I hope we can get over to the UK sooner than later.

Words and interview by : Aaron Pickford

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