Saturday 14 December 2013

Brillliant Machine - S/T EP Review

Brilliant Machine cover art

Brilliant Machine is a Stoner Metal Band from Ventura, USA

The members are:

Bill Bensen
Jerrod Wilson
Tony Cicero

"Brilliant Machine is a power trio that has roots in the dirt of Black Sabbath and branches in years of punk rock. Their down tuned, groove laden music is a perfect platform for the thought provoking lyrics. In the way the crust punks have rallied against the New World Order and the way Black Sabbath pointed a crooked finger at the “war pigs”, Brilliant Machine understands the need to shine a light in the dark corners of our world. 

Comprised of bass player and vocals; Jerrod Wilson, whose melodic and solid bass lines creep into your mind almost subliminally. Drummer and vocals; Tony Cicero, the swing and the thunder of his style moves asses and shakes your insides. Guitar and vocals; Bill Bensen, whose snarling, growling baritone telecaster and biting lyrics round out the trio.

Whether it’s the evils of man or the internal hell we bring upon ourselves, Brilliant Machine knows no boundaries or limitations. 

Their debut E.P. stirs like an army or orcs under watchful eye of Black Flag and Bonham; and ends in an introspective Gilmour/Iommi marriage. All the while warning the listener not to be complacent and never to become the sheep! If groove is king with these three, then heaviness is the knight!!"

The above description is from the band themselves and it brilliantly describes what to expect on their excellent S/T debut EP. These guys have done my job for me in reviewing this EP.

I don't know what more I can add to it. Brilliant Machine might be the perfect name for this band as they have some finely tuned riffs to check out. If you're a fan of Black Sabbath and Red Fang then is the band for you.

Brilliant Machine msy not be the most original of sounds but they definitely make you feel your having a great time especially on superb tracks - "Hey, Patriot", "Black Winter" and "Make You".

The EP could do with a bit more OOMPH in the volume but with this being their debut release they will hopefully improve that on their next release.

Brilliant Machine may never change the world but when the music is this good then you don't really care. All in all an excellent EP from a band with a very promising future indeed.

Brilliant Machine S/T EP is now avialable to buy from BandCamp now.

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