Tuesday 17 December 2013

The High Drifters - Ganymede EP - Review

Ganymede cover art 

The High Drifters is a Psych Doom/Stoner/Space Rock Band from Melbourne, Australia

The members are:

Ringo - Guitars
Matt - Drums, Vocals

Don't let the bands own description of a Two Piece Garage Rock band fool you. The High Drifters are more than that. These guys are sonic warriors sent to invade your pitiful little world with their blend of cosmic based riffs. 

Their debut EP - Ganymede - is 30 mins of epic space based Doom/Stoner Rock riffs with enough power to warm up these long cold winter nights coming in. For a two man band - The High Drifters - are very loud indeed and they include some heavy as fuck atmospheric riffs to give their music an out of this world experience.

First track - Cosmic Fog - is a stunning almost 14 minute epic drifting between Doom, Stoner and Space Rock riffs before exploding into a loud wall of noise that you cannot ignore. You can tell from this track alone that The High Drifters have some serious talent.

Second Track - For Myself - takes things onto another distorted loud level altogether with the band bringing some impressive feedback loops and noises to the party. But don't fret Stoner Rock fans, the band start adding more conventional Stoner Rock riffs though played at a mid-tempo pace. It's still so damn good though. Possibly my fave track on the album. It shows the band aren't afraid to experiment with their sound and have a whole load of fun as well.

Third Track - Dark Matter - is possibly the most disturbing and distorted track on offer here. Even though it's only on a mere 4:46 minutes, it still contains some epic riffs to impress you with.

Yeah I have to say I totally dig Ganymede. It's a strange and wonderful EP you all need to check out. As it has something for everyone. Heavy monolithic Space Doom/Stoner Metal riffs. And what's not to love from that.

Australia is starting to throw up some brilliant bands within the Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal Scene to check out. And The High Drifters are no exception. Now lets hope we hear more from these awesome Space Rockers. As I cannot wait to see what they do on a full length record.

Ganymede is available to download on Buy Now Download from BandCamp.

Awesome. End Of.

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