Wednesday 11 December 2013


Split LP w/ Breag Naofa (preorder) cover art

 Bréag Naofa is a Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Seattle, WA, USA

Monuments Collapse is a Post-Metal/Crust Band from San Francisco, USA


A new day, and a new split. It's been a good year for the split effort, many notables have crossed my path (and I even have another one to round out the year too). I really enjoyed spinning the Monuments Collapse release from earlier in the year, their brand of post metal was particularly pleasing to these ears, and so it was no great surprise when this split with Bréag Naofa landed in my lap that I was pretty excited. It's being put out in the US by Halo of Flies (always reliable), and it's a suitably tasty piece of wax.

Starting with the Monuments Collapse offerings, 'Starvation' is more immediate than some of their other pieces and is far shorter in length (they can average up to 20 minutes at times) but it is no less epic. Some heavy as balls post metal levelling of the playing field (not making things even, just destroying said field) definitely occurs, in the vein of CoL and other luminaries. No real build here, which has been their signature in the past, just volume and slow, winding riffs. 'Pathos' is more like what I have grown to expect from this group, light and delicate touches that increase and morph into a caged animal. My preferred cut of the two, it's full of bombast toward the end that'll make you feel full of life.

I must admit to not being aware of Seattle's Bréag Naofa prior to this split, but they tag team well with MC. Their styles are not a million miles apart and complement each other quite well. Also, I like numbered track titles. It's the Karma To Burn freak in me, I guess. It makes it all about the music, you have no preconceived notions heading into something if you can't judge a track by it's title. Starting with 'VII' (presumably their seventh track), it's more post metal goodness. Grandiose in display without being a show off, beautiful and elegant guitar even when it's being discordant, and some tremendously clear growled vocals delivered with meaning. Pretty much exactly what you want from this sort of thing. The other tune by them here is (maybe somewhat logically) 'VIII', which features a fantastic echoing effect for the intro and some meaty chug for the main course. It's got some real body to it and it sucks you in with some nice swaying riffs and huge cymbal crashes like waves against rocks. Some people find this sub genre of metal to be pompous, and it can be, but if it's done well it only presents clarity of vision and focus. And that's exactly what Bréag Naofa have achieved here.

Another great split from a year of great splits. Monuments Collapse confirm what I already knew they were capable of, and I definitely know who Bréag Naofa are now, as well of the fact that they quite clearly rule. If you like your metal post and colossal in form then go grab this today, without delay.

Written by Matt Fitton

Thanks to Bariann at The Black Birch PR for sending us a promo to review. You can buy this split LP from Dec 17th 2013 from the following links:



Labels: Halo of Flies (Halo64) / Shove Records (SH43.5)

reverse board gatefold covers.
500 copies.
200 on bone/oxblood.

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