Friday 27 December 2013

Ghold - Galactic Hiss (Review)

Album Type : EP
Date Released : 28/10/2013
Label : Baitin’ The Trap Records

GALACTIC HISS, track listing :
1).  This Suffering Must End (14:08)
2).  Elvira (5:54)
3).  Grievous Practioner (4:10)

The Band :

Aleksandr Wilson | Bass and grunts
Paul Antny | Drums and chants

Review :

Now this was a real treat. Ghold hail from London, and play some kind of (even more than normally) low-end dominated doom sludge. After listening to their new EP 'Galactic Hiss' it left me pretty floored with the pure weight of the product at hand. I then discovered that there are only two of them, and that they are a bass and drum duo. Now while that started to make sense, it still can't explain how they manage to be just that damn heavy. Other than some kind of infernal accord having been struck up. Whatever the case is, skill or damned
handshake, I still feel  like it's me that has won here somehow.

'This Suffering Must End' is epic. You're always gonna run the risk with this kind of outfit, there is the potential to limit interest or to leave yourself open to accusations of gimmickry. But Ghold always manage to sidestep that particular problem, and they always keep the 14+ minutes of this track appealing and varied. Lots of fuzz and an admittedly generous build resides within, but it's never to mask anything at all and is completely integral to the overall quality of the tune. Focusing on what they have as opposed to what they don't, the bass is always HUGE and sounds stunningly fat throughout. Twinned with a solid backbeat, this is unmissable stuff.

'Elvira' brings the funk somewhat, and ups the pace entirely. The vocals are really good on this record too, that kind of chanted variation, somewhat akin to Jon Paul Davis of the mighty Conan. This is a far more trimmed and straightforward affair than the previous track, but the added groove doesn't dim or lighten the impact at all. It's still gloriously heavy, and effortlessly cool.

Rounding things out with 'Grievous Practitioner', the boys drive events home with an energy filled start and a bellowing finale. That bass emphasis certainly comes into its own here when the track starts to collapse in the middle, it captures the perfect sound and feel for orchestrated chaos. Like a structure of some kind collapsing in on itself.

'Galactic Hiss' is two guys making a lot of noise that should realistically be outside of their human capabilities. They lose nothing by not having a guitarist though, and if anything they seem even heavier as a consequence. A truly exciting prospect to listen to, Ghold have certainly won themselves over a new fan right here. Go pick this up right now.

Words by :  Matt Fitton

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