Sunday 8 December 2013

Rabbit - II

II cover art

Rabbit is an Ambient/Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal band from Boston, USA

The members are:

EN- Drums
BB- Guitars
AK- Guitars

Rabbit is a superb Instrumental Metal Band to check out. Rabbit blend Ambient, Sludge, Doom and Stoner Metal for something very different in the realm of Instrumental Rock.

Their latest release - II - is a 3 song and 30 minute affair of sublime riffs that will soon get under your skin. Rabbit expertly create bone-crunching riffs for you to devour. They may play at a slow-to-mid pace but Rabbit actually have some epic hard-hitting riffs to check out.

Imagine Karma To Burn jamming with Sardonis with a hint of Sunn0))) based ambient doom and that is the closest I can get to describing Rabbit's sound.

II maybe a bit under-produced but it's still a great sounding album with plenty of riffs for you all to check out. Everyone Can Go To Hell and (Step On Down To) Black Magic being two of the main reasons to download this EP.

Download this now on BandCamp as it's available on Buy Now Download. Light up your fave bong and worship with the mighty Rabbit. As they are going to take you on an epic journey full of drawn out Ambient based Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs. Play this release LOUD!!!!

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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