Tuesday 17 December 2013

Tuber - Desert Overcrowded - Album Review

 Desert Overcrowded cover art

Tuber is a band from Serres, Greece or are they? They blend the desert sound, post-rock and psychedelic in an instrumental palate that paints some incredible pictures. Instruments in a band setting are colors, tonal colors; musicians create aural visuals and take your mind on journeys that are personal. The plus with being an instrumental band is that the listeners make up their own story. 

Words don’t cloud the issue.

Tuber does this incredibly well and improves upon this from their 2012 self-titled EP.

Tuber is comprised of:
Yannis Gerostathos - Guitars
Yannis Artzoglou - Guitars
Nickos Gerostathos - Drums
Paris Fragkos - Bass

In a previous interview here on Sludgelord with Paris, the band’s history is well documented. With the addition of guitarist; Yannis Artzoglou they are exploring even more colors.

This album has 6 songs, the shortest clocking in at close to the 5-minute mark. They are not looking for pop music hits; Tuber is taking you on a desert ride via the cosmos!

Desert Overcrowded begins the journey quite nicely.

Sucker Punch explodes at the 2-minute mark and doesn’t look back.

Firebird starts with a pounding bass and keeps the guitars separated until they crash into each other.

Last Drop of fuel in the tank or whiskey in the bottle, pulses along and finds a melodic groove.

Cause We Didn’t Find Our Way begins in a somber reflective space and come out fighting

The South Will Prevail is a great way to end this album, syncopated intro into jarring, yet melodic chords and then finding melody and just when you are coming down, Tuber hit you again with a brilliant ending

See these links below? Use them, like this band on Facebook and buy their art! This one you will listen to over and over again; highly recommended!

Written by Ransome Note

Tuber have delivered a breathtaking album. I agree with everything that Ransome Note has written here. A beautiful and oustanding album full of depth and human emotions.