Tuesday 17 December 2013

Wounded Giant - Lightning Medicine - Album Review

Lightning Medicine cover art

Wounded Giant
Lightning Medicine

Black Mess/Snake Eyes
November 2013

The band:

Dylan A. Rogers - Bass guitar
Alex Bytnar - Drums
Bobby James - Guitars and vocals

The songs:

1. King Rawhead 10:18
2. The Road To Middian 05:30
3. Rats In The Walls 08:18
4. Rabid Starlight 01:33
5. Sinistra 05:30
6. Lightning Medicine 08:43

Huh, what is this? Have I been transported to another time or another dimension? Where the hell have these guys been hiding? Seattle-trio Wounded Giant were completely unknown to me but I'm so thankful their album 'Lightning Medicine' found it's way to me. Lurking within the psychedelic sphere of doom and led-heavy metal, they absolutely floor me...literally. This is so bottom heavy and crushing I'm left gasping for air, struggling to stay afloat in the maelstrom that is Wounded Giant. At the same time their psyschedelic leanings offers respite and solace from the insane worlds they depict. It's a perfect concoction that leaves me wanting more.

'King Rawhead' lures me into the maze of Wounded Giant's crazed mind. Slowly and unknowingly I am drawn into another world, deranged and dangerous. Once I realize this it's too late as the band has me entangled and hypnotized. 'The Road To Middian' pulls me deeper into this beautiful abyss and there is nothing I can do. A few moments of peace are given but they are short and far between and soon enough I am put through the wringer as Wounded Giant launches into 'Rats In The Walls'. Second by second the song pummels me to a slab of raw meat and constantly I feel my bones breaking. This is a slow song that builds up to schizophrenic and chaotic end.

At last I get a longer duration of peace with the slow, trippy and psychedelic instrumental piece 'Rabid Starlight', although it doesn't last long. 'Sinistra' takes over and mixes faster parts with a lot of spaced out segments. Again there's a perfect ebb and flow to the music that finally rips me to bits and pieces sending me out into space. The title track, 'Lightning Medicine', ends this amazing album and here is when Wounded Giant piece together a new me. Full of soothing riffs and healing rhythms the band stitch me back into shape although with a brand new frame of mind.

As dark and punishing as this release is, it is also the ultimate catharsis. If you don't believe me, get a copy - which you should anyway - sit back and let Wounded Giant recreate and heal you. Following in the footsteps of Sleep and Shrinebuilder, these guys are on to something different and amazing and they definitely should be out there. And they should be on any serious doctor's remedy list for...well, any kind of ailment. It is that fucking good!

Written by Håkan Nyman

This is a brilliant album. We recommend you buy this now as it's simply incredible. You can buy the album on Bandcamp on Digital Download and Vinyl from here.

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