Tuesday 17 December 2013

Firelord - Among The Snakes - Album Review

Among The Snakes cover art

Among The Snakes

13 November 2013

The band:

Mario E. Bussini - vocals, guitar
Mario Pappano - bass guitar
Giulio Buscaglione - drums

The songs:

1. (Intro) Among The Snakes 00:56
2. Man Of Mayhem 05:32
3. Black Kommander 07:06
4. The Ghost Of Eymerich 11:25
5. The Road To Hell 05:46
6. Werewolf 07:26
7. Children Of The Grave 04:25
8. Among The Snakes II 06:54

Do you find solace in bottom-heavy riff-soaked doom? You do? Well, look no further because I have the perfect remedy for you. Italians Firelord are a brand new band to me although they have been around since 2007, however from the word go they have me longing for more. In a way it shouldn't be this way since their album, 'Among The Snakes', starts with the snake-infested title track intro....I hate snakes! But before long the music kicks in and all thoughts of that horrible creature is gone. Instead I'm going bonkers as Signori Bussini, Pappano and Buscaglione go for the jugular and simply crushes!

After '(Intro) Among The Snakes' the perfectly titled 'Man Of Mayhem' takes over. Razor-sharp riffs ripps through the song while the bass guitar and the drums annihilates everything in their way. In addition the song has a lot of groove making it even better and this is Firelord's trademark, if you will. Just about every song oozes of groove amidst their heavy-ass stoner doom'n'roll and this makes them stand out from the pack. 'Black Kommander' continues the onslaught as Firelord barge onwards in their quest for total destruction. Guitarist Mario E. Bussini's voice reminds me of Dave Wyndorf mixed with David Sherman and put through the wringer, and I mean that in the best possible way. Check out his blistering guitar solo as well...top class! 'The Ghost Of Eymerich' slows things down making Mario Pappano's bass and Giulio Buscaglione's drums even heavier, more brutal and relentless. Firelord brings to mind the sadly departed The Gates Of Slumber in the way they smash the sledgehammer into my forehead over and over again...brilliant!

Uping the ante slightly with 'The Road To Hell', this riff fest of a song burrows itself into my head where Pappano's fuzzed out bass vibrates my few remaining brain cells to dust. Next up is my favourite track on the album, the magnificient 'Werewolf'. Throughout it's 7:26 minutes the song is full of moods, emotions and vivid imagery making it a chilling yet fantastic story. The second half of 'Among The Snakes' has been kept at a slower tempo but that is changed as Firelord launches into a pretty good rendition of 'Children Of The Grave'. They have actually sped it up a bit compared to the original version and since Signore Bussini doesn't sound anything like Ozzy, they make it their own song which I love. Last out is 'Among The Snakes II' and it is a dark and heavy song. Has a touch of Motörhead in the riffs while bulldozing everything in it's way. An excellent way to end an excellent album!

I love nice surprises and when they come in the shape of Firelord it's even better. When an unknown band grabs me by the throat like this I reach nirvana immediately. Sometimes I kick myself for not being in the known, you know, I should have heard about them already but what's the point? Firelord found their way to my ears when they did and swept me off my feet in the process. And I couldn't be happier because Firelord are the real deal, you hear?! Bravissimo signori, molto bene!

Written by Håkan Nyman

Thanks to Mario for sending us a promo. Among The Snakes is now available to buy from BandCamp now.

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